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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== South towards [[Aveiro]], [[Lisbon]], [[Algarve]] ===
Going South is very easy, even when you start from within the nearby city of ''Gaia'', which is just across the Douro River. One spot in Gaia is a roundabout, next to the last metro stop (''Santo Ovídio''). This is an okay spot to stand, even at night, for going to both towards the north Porto and above as well as going south. It is better if you stare down the highway which points towards A1 Highway going to Lisbon and turning right to Porto and North , there is a small red light and stand there if you want to head back to Porto and North
Now if you want to head to 1) Lisbon 2) Aveiro 3) Viseu 4) Salamanca ==== From Santo Ovídio ====
Just get out Going South is very easy, even when you start from within the nearby city of the metro station Santa Ovidio''Gaia'', turn left and then left again to look at which is just across the narrow road that leads straight to A1 Highway and turns right for going back to Porto on the rightDouro River. Walk along until you reach One spot in Gaia is a redlight for pedestrians to cross. Now out here don't stop and keep movins straight ahead until road splitsroundabout, cars going next to Lisbon get on the Left last metro stop ( center road ''Santo Ovídio'') . You walk there as well. ( this This is not a HIGHWAY but just a motorway so no problem of any kind ) . Walk straight an okay spot to stand, even at night, for going to both towards the direction of the sign that says Lisbon north Porto and points to A1 highwayabove as well as going south. As It is better if you walk on a little confused you will see this road goes under a road bridge which is actually stare down the real highway. Don't try which points towards A1 Highway going to hitch hike under the bridge since cars are at high speed Lisbon and no body wants turning right to stop over. Walk further on Porto and after the bridge the road turns upwards and left. Keep walking the turn and then when you see fence on the right and you have done the turnNorth, this there is a good spot to STOP AND LOOK for a RIDE. Since it is a little steep at this point the cars naturally slow down small red light and stand there is ample of space for them if you want to STOP and pick you up. You can ask for being dropped head back to the second gas station or the last one before Aveiro ( both are same ) . This gas station is super awesome Porto and you can easily find rides to Lisbon or Aveiro or even Viseu which is in the direction of SalamancaNorth.
If nobody stops here just walk a little more like 700 m only and then you enter highway and 200 meters on the right is the first petro station again a great place to hitchhike. ==== From Repsol, Vila Nova de Gaia ====
=There is a petrol station on the A1 highway just after the ramp which is excellent for rides to the south. Get to the last stop of the metro line D called Santo Ovídio. Walk south down Rue de Soares dos Reis and continue walking when it becomes the Rue Fonte dos Arrependidos. Cross the highway through the tunnel and keep walking on the Rue Alto das Terras. After a few hundred meters you will see the petrol station on your left. '''Note:''' Due to construction work, the spot on the ramp between Santo Ovídio and this petrol station, previously mentioned in this article, is no option anymore. The highway starts right after the small pedestrian crossing traffic lights at the end of the Santo Ovídio metro station and walking here is prohibited. === The route to France ===
For people trying to go from Porto and enter France as fast as possible. Go to the second Gas station, get lift in the direction of Viseu and then get dropped at any petrol station and then look out for cars and Portugese trucks which are going to France or cars that are from Belgium or Netherlands. Be patient and ensure you do not get down anywhere else but only '''petrol stations'''; don't go with drivers to their city center or you will get stuck. Near border of Spain before the border if you are at a gas station, wait until you find a car or truck that goes all the way to Saint Sebastian, a Spanish town on the French border. You will have to be patient and you will definitely find with a little time and patience. Try to get a direct ride to France ( so that you can '''skip Spain''') which is a disaster for long distance hitchhiking.
=== North towards [[Braga]] and [[Spain]] ([[Vigo]], [[Santiago de Compostella]]) ===
'''==== Option 1'''==== 
Take the Tram/Train to São Frutuoso‎ (less than 2 Euro). Walk the ''Rua Prof. Antonio Marques'' until the end and you'll arrive at a petrol station right next to the motorway to Vigo/Spain after appx 800m.
''Note:'' There is a fence around the whole petrol station, almost impossible to climb. To ring the bell and ask for entrance is a bad idea. Walk along the fence until the bridge where it's easy to climb over (January 2012). Try to be unwatched climbing the fence, the petrol station is privatized. I got kicked out in January 2012...In February 2012 I got dropped off on the other side direction Lisbon and had no problem at all staying at the petrol station. Just make sure they don't see you enter the petrol station "illegally".--[[User:Wukk|Wukk]] 18:14, 28 February 2012 (CET)
'''==== Option 2'''==== 
You may hitch from the petrol station close to metro station "Estadio do mar". At the roundabout, take Av. Calouste Gulbenkian, pass the School of design and you will see an entrance to coastal motorway A28 going North. People might also be going North using other motorways from there since there is a junction heading East close by.

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