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=== North towards [[Tirana]], West towards [[Durrës]], [[Vlorë]] ===
'''North'''From the fountain roundabout next to the bus station, walk out along Rruga 11 Nentori (SH3) and start trying to get a lift. After 10 minutes of walk, you are nearing the edge of the city and lifts should be easier to get. A direct lift to Tirana should not be too difficult to come by and to get to the coast, it will probably take several. Or if you want to travel to Tirana fast you can take the bus (150 ALL or 1 EURO)near the city center .  '''West''' From (Sulejman Pasha mosque), the fountain go straight to the same street as Tirana and go near the place called "Tek Lulet" or the Rruga 11 Nentori. Stop at the fountain and you can hitchhike there. But better if you make clear that you are going to Durres or Vlora because its the same street that goes to Tirana to.

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