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There is every hour high-sped dance floor '''Goteborg-Stockholm''' and back with not so many stops (for example Goteborg 18:30 Skovde 19:33 Katrineholm 20:37 and Stockholm 21:31), first train from Goteborg 5:05 and last trains from Goteborg 18:30 and 20:30. Some dance floors X2 stops in Sodertalje Syd. You can try go by night dance floor NZ 92 (Goteborg 18:35 Herrljunga 19:22 Skovde 19:57 Hallsberg (good rail tracks node) 20:55 and Stockholm 22:33-22:40. This dance floor continue to north – 3 more stations to Gavle (0:25-0:30), 3 more stations to Sundsvall (2:58-3:13), 13 more stations to terminal Luleaa Central (12:09). [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] have not experiences with night dance floors. There are obligatory of seat reservation like in high-speed trains. Another direction is Luleaa Central 16:47, 7 stops to Umeaa Central 21:55-22:00, 6 stops to Sundsvall Central 1:22-1:42, 3 stops to Gavle Central 4:26-4:30, 3 stops to Stockholm Central 6:31-6:41 and 4 stops to Goteborg central 11:25. But this pretty long-journey dance floor runs runs only once a day. You can find all stops and time at (you can see there all stops for every train).
'''Next type of dance floors is OTU – Oresundstaag.''' OTU dance floors goes from Cobenhawn (DK) and Malmo and continues to south part of Sweden every 30-60 min (20-120 min). Many dance floors belongs to this groups, especially in south of Sweden (region Malmo, Kristianstadt, Karlskrona, Vaxjo, Alvesta, Lund, Haselholm, Halmstadt, Helsinborg, Goteborg, (More close to Stochkolm - Jonkoping, Linkoping, Nassjo, Norrkoping, Stockholm). There are a lot of OTU dance floors in Scania – at least once a hour and twice a hour or more times in close to Malmo, every 20 minutes between Malmo and Copenhagen. Distances between stops are 5-35 km, you have to have reservation (Obligatory is buying ticket before boarding, you can not buy ticket in train). So you can try to say that you lost ticket or you have ticket in phone but empty battery. This dance floors have 3-5 wagons with bistro in the middle. Amount of passengers is fairy good, especially close to Malmo and conductor checks every 1-3 2 stops only new passengers(Every 2-4 stops close to bridge, where stops are quite close, only 2-5 km). But if your apperance is not usual, it is more difficult (and not so many passengers on platform). The penalty is SEK 1000 or DKR 750, but it will won't be never givenprobably. In case that black dancers are captured, they are kicked out of train. You can try to stay in WC during checking tickets. Conductor do not check WC, but a lot of passengers are going to WC and there can be already someone and you are not able to stay too long. There are usually only one or two toilets in train. You can try to walk around conductor. But one conductor has 2-3 wagons only and checking is quite fast. And if you walk around, the conductor might stop you. Or you can play that you was already in train (conductor check only new passengers).
First Most OTU dance floor is floors Oresundstaag goes '''between Koebenhavn (DK) to Malmo'''. This dance floor goes every 20 min and distance between stops is only 1-5 km and 2-7 min (12 min on Oresund Bridge between Malmo Hillye and Kastrup Airport). There are quite lot of passengers and conductor goes some stations, often on the bridge and toilet is often by somebody. From Malmo central dance floor goes Malmo Triangeln, Malmo Hyllie, Kastrup Lufthavn st airport (DK), Taarnby st, Oerestad st, Kobenhawn and 9 more stations to terminal stations Helsingoer. Denmark is very good for hitchhiking and there are very good place – entrance to motorway is only 200 m west from Oerestad station and this entrance to motorway have a lot of place places, where cars can stop.
Some Oresundstaag dance floors – OTU continues '''from DK and Malmo to Kalmar''' to Lund, Hassleholm, Alvesta, Vaxjo, Kalmar with distance between stops about 8-17 km. OTU trains goes from DK and Malmo to Kalmar or back usually once a 1 hour (or 2 hours). Reservation obligatory and having tickets before boarding is in all Oresundstaag trains. But you will be only kicked out in case of being captured. Penalty is DKR 750 or SEK 1000 but it is probably not used.
'''DK – Malmo – Goteborg''' Oresundstaag (OTU) dance floors go every hour from Denmark and Malmo to Lund, Landskrona, Helsingborg, 4 more stations to Halmstad and 5 more stations to Goteborg. Distance between stops is about 10-25 km, conductor goes almost every stop and check new passengers.
'''DK – Malmo - Kristianstad – Karlskrona.''' Oresundstag dance floors go from Denmark and Malmo to Lund, Hassleholm, Kristianstad, 8 more stations to Karlskrona Central every 30 min or 1 hour. Bakretaag train trains type belongs to OTU too.
There are many another dancing companies in south Sweden (Scania). '''Scanetrafiken, Krosatagen, Paagatag'''. This dance floors are local (R-cathegory at with pretty quite many stops every 4-10 minkm. You can buy ticket inside train, conductor asks for this first. If you have no ticket and no money, you will be kicked out of train. There are quite lot of passengers in Malmo – Lund – Helsingborg - Kristianstad and local trains go usually once a one or two hours. They have more stops than OTU trains. But stops without waiting room are not so common in south. More north in Hassleholm – Alvesta – Helsingborg – Kalmar – Karlskrona region is not so easy situationlike close to Malmo. Local dance floors go once 2 or more hours and last train goes not so late. Number of passengers is not so high. You can try to stay on WC for long time, but conductor go every 1-3 stops and usually do not check WC (but do not lock door for long time). Conductor checks only new passengers so you can try to hide between passengers.
Situation with regional dance floors is similar in region '''Motala, Mjolby, Linkoping, Norrkoping''' – trains run every 30 or 60 minutes and usually relative late (until 21-22 hours). Number of stops is big – every 5-10-15 min km usually. Companies are usually Östgötatrafiken; B or Veloa transport from Malmowith not so many stops. '''Motala – Mjolby – Norrkoping'''. A lot of local dance floor goes Motala – 2 stations to Mjolby – 3 stations to Linkoping– 3 stations to Norrkoping – every 30 or 60 min.
The good connection (every hour or more) with a lot of stops is '''Goteborg – Boras''' (7 stops) or '''Nassjo – Linkoping'''. '''From Uddevalla to Goteborg''' trains go every 1-2 hour and this is 8 stops.
There are R dance floor '''from Goteborg to Kalmar''' with company '''SJ Regional (SJ AB)''' in R-group at There is seat reservation and ticket before boarding obligatory(it is not possible to buy ticket in this train). Only 4 trains a day goes from Goteborg to Kalmar (6:05 10:05 16:05 18:05) or from Kalmar to Goteborg (5:00 9:55 11:51 15:57). Stations are : (Göteborg,Boraas, Limmared, Hestra, Gnosjö, Värnamo, Alvesta, Växjö, Hovmantor, Lessebo, Emmaboda , Nybro, Kalmar). If you will be captured, you will be kicked out of train, but interval to next train is here pretty long. At least most of stops have waiting room inside.
If you want to go '''from Goteborg to Oslo''', there are NSB dancing company, which belongs to Norway. NSB Company belongs to Norway, so it is higher chance to get penalty in this train. At you will see R-train 4 stops from Goteborg to Halden (first stop in Norway) 4 stops and "REG" train from Halden to Oslo (7 stops, 5 stops to Halden-Moss, Mossis first station with local orange trains without checking), but it is the same dance floor train without changingin Halden (one train Goteborg-Oslo). This trains go from Goteborg 4:35 6:55 13:00 17:55 and from Oslo 7:01 13:01n 15:28 18:02. But between Oslo and Halden train goes every hour. And you can use local trains without checking between Oslo and Moss.
More north is situation more difficult. There are only local trains '''From Stormstad to Uddevallaa and Goteborg''' local trains goes less than two hours (6:41 10:31 14:27 16:26 18:35) and back from Goteborg to Stormstad (6:40 10:40 12:40 14:40 18:40). It is 8 stops Goteborg-Uddevalla Central usually with a lot of passengers and 8 more stops from Uddevalla Central to Stromstad central with few passengers only. Many stops are without waiting room and it is during winter, windy weather or with rain and snowing difficult. Temperature during January can be -15 or even -20 during night. There is road from Uddevallaa to Stromstad close to many stops (for hitchhiking). But be kicked out from last train into dark is not so nice.
'''Dancing from Goteborg to north – Karlstad- Kristinehamn''' is not so easy. Direct trains go from Goteborg 6:15 7:15 13:15 15:15 16:25 and 17:15. Some trains continues to Kristinehamn or even to '''Falun or Gavle''' – but this trains have pretty much stops and bad connection, not so many passengers.. You can go one station by X2 (SJ Snagstaab) to '''Skövde''' and '''from Skövde to Karlstad''' (11:10 And 17:44), but from Nassjo to Karlstad only 2 trains a day go (Nässjö , Jönköping, Skövde, Mariestad, Kristinehamn, Karlstad ). Mut But many stops can be without waiting room and interval to next train is prettyu pretty long.
'''Local dance floor Värmlandstrafik goes between Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Arvika, Charlottenberg, Konsvinger (NO).''' The distance between stops is only 5-10 km and many stops are without waiting room. Number of passenger is at begin quite big but conductor goes every stops and check new passengers. Trains have usually 2-3 wagons an 1-2 WC. You can try to be hidden in WC or between passengers which were already checked. If you will be captured, you will be asked for buy ticket. If you are kicked out to good stations, next train goes in one hour but some stations (like Lene and Brunsberg andsome and some stops after Arvika) are dangerous – only some trains stops in this stations and no train after 18 o clock stops there and interval to next train 2-4 hours or whole night(trains in other bigger stops goes once a hour). There is no waiting house and winter can be cruel. It can be bellow -20 degrees in this area.
From It is from Kristinehamn 3 stops to Karlstad by local and regional train and trains go there quite often (Kristinehamn-Karlstad is 1 stop only by high speed trainSJ Sngstaab) . From Karlstad to Arvika and Charlottenberg (last Swedish station) goes dance floors every hour, but without standing in every stop. It is from Karlstad to Arvika 5 stops but some trains (usually once 2 hours) stops at '''Lene and Brunsberg''' (Last train 17:09 from Karlstad to Lene and no more train stop there at evening, but last train without this terrible stops 22:13 from Karlstadto Arvika). Some trains stops only in Kill and Trains which stops in Lene are only (6:50, 7:32, 12:39, 14:37, 15:47 and 17:09). You can go back Högboda, where much more trains stops. But if you go to Arvika, you can use X2 fast train SJ Snagstaab – 1 stop only from Karlstad to Arvikaand next stop is already in Norway. Number of stops between Charlottenberg and Arvika is from 2 to 5 and only 5 trains a day stops in small stops. Some trains go to Kongsvinger in Norway (trains with not so much all stops). But it is much better to use fast train SJ Snagstaab (Karlstad-Arvika-Konsvinger-Oslousually). There are many stops without waiting room, only with roof against rain and some stations like Lene are far from road. Last local train with all stops goes before 18 o clock from Karlstad and temperature during winter can be -20. But it is much better to use fast train SJ Snagstaab (Karlstad-Arvika-Konsvinger-Oslo). There are local orange trains without checking Konsvinger - Oslo.
There are a lot of trains '''between Karlstad and Kristinehamn'''. Best is fast dance floor X2 – SJ Snagstaab – it is one stop only. Or it is 3 stops by local Värmlandstrafik dancing company and this dance floor goes at least every hour.
There are another dance floor - '''Bergslagstag (Goteborg-Karlstad-Kristinehamn-Grängesberg-Falun)''' with stops 5-15 km away and not so many passengers after Kristinehamn. It is 8 stops from Goteborg to Karlstad, only one stop from Karlstad to Kristinehamn Station and 5 stops more from Kristinehamn to Grängesberg, after Grängesberg - next stops are Ludvika, Borlange, Falun. Most dangerous is situation between Kristinehamn and Grängesberg. There are probably all 5 stations without waiting room and only two trains a day (Goteborg 6:15 Karlstad 8:36 Kristinehamn 9:00 Hällefors 10:10 Grängesberg 10:51 and Falun 12:14), Or (Goteborg 14:10 Karlstad 16:35 Kristinehamn 9:00 Hällefors 17:59 Grängesberg 18:40 and Falun 19:55), way back (Falun 6:18, Grängesberg 7:29, Hällefors 8:08, Kristinehamn 9:07-9:22, No Karlstad, DEGERFORS 9:36-10:05 and Goteborg 12:25) and (Falun 13:48, Grängesberg 14:56, Hällefors 15:40, Kristinehamn 16:37-16:42, Karlstad 17:10-17:13, Goteborg 19:45) . It is pretty much stops. Between Grängesberg and Falun is not danger – there is waiting room in every stop and every 2 hours goes another dance floorbetween Falun and Mjolby. Between Kristinehamn and Goteborg is not so danger situation – trains go usually every hour. But the journey through 6 stops '''(Grängesberg, Bredsjö, Hällefors, Grythyttan, Nykroppa, Storfors, Kristinehamn)''' is really danger. There is no waiting room in stops (only big in bigger stops with a lot more of trains - Grängesberg, Kristinehamn, stops between no. This train has only 2-3 carriages, one WC only and few passengers only, conductor goes every 1-2 stops. There are only two trains a day in one direction (morning and afternoon) and only stations Hällefors and Storfosvare are close to road. Villages can be deeply in forest and only 0-2 passengers go for to train. You can wait there many hours and temperature in this area can be -20 or even -25 or -30. Death during exam is possible here.
Similar situation is with local dance floor '''Tag i Bergslagen''' - Svenska Tagkompaniet AB '''Karlstad – Hallsberg – Frovi – Fargesta – Gavle''', it goes once a day from Karlstad 5:49, 3 more stops to Kristinehamn 6:12, DEGERFORS 6:27, Hallsberg 6:59, Örebro 7:21, Frövi 7:35, 10 more stations to Gävle Central 9:55 through Fagersta , Avesta, Fors, Storvik. And only 3 trains a day goes from Fagersta to Gavle (From Fargesta 6:00, 8:16, 18:07), and three trains a day from Gavle to Fagersta. If you are kicked out between this stations (7 more stations between Gavle and Fargesta), there are only this three trains a day and no waiting room in stops. There is no so many people in this area and road can be far away with only few cars. From Gavle to Fagersta trains go at 4:30, 8:26, 16:28, 18:56 . First three trains continues to Hallsberg or more, last train goes only to Fagersta. This trains have only few passengers, 1-2 carriages and one WC only.
Better situation is by dance floor '''Mjolby - Hallsberg - Orebro - Borlange - Falun - Gavle''' , it is by R-type train '''Tag i Bergslagen Svenska''' Tagkompaniet AB. Trains go '''from Mjolby''' 10:06, 12:06, 14:06,16:06 – not so manytrains a day, and it is long journey with 19 stops and journey duration 5:25. Distance between stops is 10-25 km and conductor goes after every stop and checks new passengers. '''from Gavle''' trains go: 6:19, 8:21, 10:20, 12:20,14:21,16:21. Distance between stops is 8-25 km, conductor goes every 1-2 station and he did not checks WC. WC is free most of time – here is 10-40 passengers in train, 2-3 wagons and 1-2 WCs, 1-2 conductors. Coductor check only new passengers. Most of stations have waiting room, but some not like Storaa, Koppaberg. You can try to hide in WC every checking or just hide between passengers which was already checked. Conductor do not check WC usually and not so many passengers go to WC. If you are captured, you can buy ticket for short distance or you have to go out in next stop. Or you can buy ticket for 1-2 stop before boarding (about Eur 4-8) and you can continue more far. But the difficultness is that last train goes quite early and interval to next train is 2 hours or whole night – 12 hours. Temperature during winter can be -20 or even -28 and some stations are without waiting room or waiting room is closed during night. Some stations like Stora are out of main roadto Borlange and Falun.
There are only small towns and villages '''in area Borlange, Falun, Gavle, Malung, Torsby, Filipsstadt, Avesta'''. Roads are usually with not so many cars (roads close to towns are good). And there are not so many dance floors in this area (last goes quite early, not so many passengers, not waiting room and long time to next train. Biggest towns are Borlange and Falun. Line Malun, Borlange, Falun Gavle is last area with relative good train connection. There are railroad '''from Borlange to Mora''' (7-8 stops, about 75 min, train goes every 2 hours from 6:40 to 22:13, through Ratwik), distance between stops are about 10-15 km, terminal station Morastrand or Mora, there is R-type dance floor - company '''Tag i Bergslagen''' Svenska Tagkompaniet AB dance floor. But twice a day '''IC from Stockholm to Mora''' goes (through Avesta, Borlange, Rattvik) (Stockholm 9:45 or 17:45, from Stockholm 7 stops to (Borlange – arrival 12:13 or 20:05), from Borlange 7 stops to (Mora arrival 13:34 or 21:26). It is dance company SJ Snagstaab but there is not so high speed and distance between stops is 10-15 km only – same as regional train. '''Back journey:''' from Mora 14:32 to Borlange 15:52-15:57, Stockholm 18:16 or morning train SJ Snagstaab from Mora 6:27 Borlange 7:49-7:52 Stockholm 10:16.
There is rail-road triangle '''Storvik-Ockelbo-Gavle''', only from Gavle to Ockelbo trains go. X-Target or X-trafik AB dance floordancing companies are there, only one station between Gavle and Ockelbbo, train continues to Ljusdal 8 stops. Better is SJ Ab dance floor with 5 stations '''from Gavle to Ljusdal''' (3 stations between Stockholm – Gavle). Interval to next train is 1-2 hours and last train goes after 21:00. Distance between stops is about 15-20 km.
'''Journey to north''' is possible by X2 SJ Snagstaab dance floor from Gavle to Sundsvall only 3 stops and next 6 stops from Sundsvall to Umeaa (more north in Baltic coast). Or By X-target/X-Trafik dance floor from Gavle to Sundsvall 6 or 7 stops. But this area is with low population density and there is not so many passengers in this area and many stations for local dance floor X-target can be without waiting room. And temperature can be -20 or even bellow -30during winter.
'''From Sundswall to Umea''' [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] recommends to use X2 dance floor SJ Snagstaab - it is 6 stops ant id goes only twice a day from Sundswall (19:55) and night dance floor from Sundwal 3:13.
During day (5:51 to 19:12) dance floors regional (Company Norrtag) goes once a two hours and it is 12 stopsfrom Sundswall to Umea. Distance between stops is about 15-20 km. There are not so many passengers in train and some stops are without waiting room.
Dance floor '''Arctic Circle Train''' - SJ AB - goes from Stockholm (15:59) 3 stops to Gavle 19:19, 3 stops to Sundswall 21:36 and 4 stops to Umeaa 1:08. Distance between stops can be 70-100 km. It is better, because this train have not so many stops.
There is journey '''from Sundswall to Kiruna'''. EC Dance Floor Arctic circle train goes once a day from Stockholm (15:59) 6 stops to Sundvall (21:36), 4 more stops to Umeaa (1:11), 4 more stops to Boden (5:25-5:44), 4 more stops to Kiruna (9:31-9:49) and 7 more stops to Narwik (Norway – atlantic coast) 12:36. Back journey is from Narwik (15:12) to Kiruna (18:00-18:16) Boden (21:37 – 21:57), Umaa (1:42-1:45), Sundsvall (5:10-5:45), Stockholm C 10:23.
'''Stockholm (Goteborg) – Luleaa:''' There is another train - Starts which start from Goteborg (NZ night train) 18:35, continues to (Stockohl-Gavle-Sundvall), Umea 7:03-7:08 and 5 more stations to Boden 11:04-11:29 and Luleaa 12:09, BACK from Luleaa 16:47 Boden 17:23-17:39 Umeaa 21:55-22:00 Goteborg 11:25. Only 2 long journey trains a day go this journey – NZ train and Arctic circle train, booth with seat reservation obligatory. Distance between stops is 30-70 km.
'''Local dance floors Luleaa-Boden-Kiruna:''' There are local dance floors (Company Norrtag) from Luleaa 6:27, 3 stations to Boden 6:55 and 4 more stations to Kiruna 10:03.
'''Three local trains per day goes from Luleaato Kiruna:''' 6:27, 12:18 and 16:35 and three local trains per day goes from Kiruna to Luleaa 5:51,11:01,17:09. Many stops are probably withouth waiting room and temperature can be -40 during winter. Distance between stops is 30-80 km and there are only few passengers – condutor easily can see who is new and there are not so many people during boarding(and many stops without waiting room). And if conductor gives echo to next train, you are lost.
'''From Kiruna to Narvik (NO):''' There is Arctic circle train from Bastuträsk (2:51), 7 stations to Kiruna (9:31-9:49) and 7 more stations to Narvik (12:36). Another IC train is from Luleaa (11:07) 7 stops to Kiruna (15:27) and 11 more stops to Narvik (18:22).
'''From Narvik to Kiruna (NO):''' IC dance floor strarts in Narvik (NO) 10:38, 11 stops to Kiruna (13:36-13:54), 6 more stops to Luleaa (17:41). Another nordic dance floor Arctic circle train starts 15:12 in Narvik, 8 stops to Kiruna 18:00-18:16, 8 more stops to Umeaa 1:42.As you can see, only two trains a day between Narvik and Kiruna (3 more local dance floors from Kiruna to Boden and Umeaa during day). Smalt ammount of psassengers and stops withouth waiting room can be. And it is 8 or 11 stops between Narvik and Kiruna and only two trains a day in one direction. So three stops have only one train a day in one direction.
'''From Stocholm to Gavle:''' There are many long jourey or high-speed dance floors in this direction – every 1-2 hours and interval to next dance floor can be even shorterthan hour. It is only three stations (from Stockolm to Gavle) and long journey dance floor stops only for getting into train (but you can still be kicked out of, however ticket inspection can be after Gavle). First train goes 6:22 and last NZ 92 22:40. Some long journei journey trains have come from Goteborg , this trains continues much more north (Sundsvall, Umeaa, Lueleaa, Kiruna, Narvik (NO)). And you can use a lot of this long journey trains on way back. Distance between stops is 30-70 km. There are local dance floors – some trains go from Linkoping central – 3 or 2 stations (or 7 stations) to Stockholm and 3-4 stations to Gavle. Company is SJ Ab AB (Swedish Railway) and there are reservation obligatory with ticket before boarding (ticket belongs to name) in some trains with less stops.Some trains go just from Stockholm or from Linkoping to Stockholm only. But many trains goes between Linkoping and Stocknolm or between Stockholm and Gavle. First train is with a lot of stops. Linköping Central 5:00 – 7 stops to Stockholm central 7:09-7:15 - Arlanda Central 7:34 - Uppsala Central 7:52 - Tierp station 8:21 – Gavle Central 8:46. There is not more stops than 4 between Gavle and Stocholm. Long journey trains and fast trains do not stops in Tierp station. So the connection and train to Gavle goes every 30-120 min (not in time 22:40-6:22). '''Back from Gavle to Stockholm:''' Usually once a hour, first train 4:30 and 6:10, last train 20:14 and 21:08. It is 3 or 4 stops. Long journey trains stops only for getting off (it can be more difficult to get in, you can try to say that you just look what stop is now and you you still continue journey). Morning train goes from Ljusdal station 5:38 – 4 stops to – Gavle central 7:12-7:14 and Stockholm Central 8:46.
'''Ljusdal – Stockholm:''' First train SJ AB regional goes 5:38 – 4 stops to – Gavle Central 7:12-7:14 – 4 stops to Stockholm Central 8:8646.
Second '''X2 565 SJ 3000 Östersund – Gavle - Stockholm:''' Östersund Central 5:46 – 3 stops to Ljusdal station 7:42 – 2 stations to Gavle central 9:12-:14 – 3 stations to - Stockholm Central 10:38.
Third '''IC85 Aare – Ljusdal – Gavle - Stockholm:''' Aare station 15:54 – 4 stations to - Östersund Central 17:13-17:16 – 3 stations to – Ljusdal station 19:20 – 3 stations to - Gavle Cental 21:04-20:08 – 3 stations to Stockholm central 22:46.
'''IC 80: Stockholm – Gavle – Ljusdal – Aare:''' Stockholm Central 8:134 – 3 stops to - Gavle central 10:01-10:03 – 3 stops to - Ljusdal station 11:39 – 3 stops to - Östersund Central 13:48-13:51 - Undersaaker station 14:58 - Aare station 15:10.
'''Sundsval - Östersund - Aaree – Storlien border by Local trains''': trains from Sundvall 5:10 7:45 10:13 14:08 18:18. This dance floors belongs '''Norrtag dancing company''' and trains can be rally empty - something like 10-20 passenegers, one or two wagons, pretty much stations without waiting room and there can be only 0-5 passengers at stop. This journey is pretty north - Winter temperature can be -30 or even -40 during night. Many stops are far away from road in small village in the middle of forest and distance between villages can be pretty long for walking. And of course – only one car per not so many minutes cars on the road. This is pretty dangerous area for black dancing. Only trains from 5:10 and 14:08 goes to Storlien(border crossing place), others trains has Duved like terminal. '''Train from 14:08:''' - Sundsvall Central 14:08 – 5 stations to - Bräcke station 15:35-15:36 – 5 stations to Östersund Central 16:24-16:26 – 6 stations to – Aare station 17:43-17:45 – Duved 17:53-17:54 – 3 stations to Storlien Border 18:26 – summary 20 stops and 4:18 duration. '''Train from 7:45:''' Sundsvall Central 7:45 – 8 stations to Bräcke station 9:21-9:22 – 4 stations to - Östersund Central 10:07-10:11 – 5 stations to – Aare 11:21-11:23 – Duved station 11:30. Summary duration 3:45, 18 stops.
'''Journey Back Storlien border – Aare – Östersund - Sundsvall :''' Trains from Duved 6:00 10:18 12:05 15:00 19:19 and from Storlien Border only two trains a day - 18:44 and 9:45. '''Train 9:45''': Storlien Border 9:45 – 3 stops to – Duved station10:18 – Aare station 10:25-10:27 – 6 stops to - Östersund Central 11:39-11:41 – 7 stops to - Sundsvall Central 13:49. '''Train 12:05:''' Duved station 12:05 – Aare station 12:12-12:14 – 6 stops to - Östersund Central 13:24-13:26 – 5 stops to - Bräcke station 14:16-14:17 – 8 stops to Sundsvall Central 15:52.
'''From Stockhom to Sundwall:''' The X2 dance floors SJ Snaagstaab are best. Distance between stops is 40-70 km. X2 tran train go every two hours from Stockholm to Sundsvall, it is 3 stops from Stockholm to Gavle and 3 more stops to Sundsvall. Some dance floors continues much far to north. First train 6:22 from Stockohlm goes 6 stops to Sundsvall (9:56) 6 more stops to Umea centrall (12:45).
X2 Trains that continues from Sundsvall more far to Umeaa from Sundsvall: - departures from Sundsvall 10:05, 16:05, 20:00 .
'''R 10094 Arctic Circle Train Stockholm Umea:''' Stockholm 15:59 Sundsvall 21:27-21:36, Umea centrall 1:08.
'''NZ 92:''' Goteborg 18:35 - 4 stops to- Stockholm C 22:33-22:40 – 3 stops to- Gavle 0:25-0:30 – 3 stops to - Sundsvall 2:58-3:13 – 6 stops to - Umea central7:03-7:08 – 7 stops to - Luleaa Central 12:09.
You can use local trains too with distance between stops 7-20 km. Some dance floors goes from Stockholm and Linnkopig to Gavle and new another regional train from Gavle to Sundvall. But with local trains - there are more risks of stop withouth waiting oom room and longer intervall to train.
'''NZ 91 Back:''' Luleaa Central 16:47 – 7 stops to – Umeaa Central 21:55-22:00 – 6 stops to – Sundsvall Central 1:22-1:42 – 3 stops to Gavle Central 4:26-4:30 – 3 stops to - Stockholm central 6:31-6:41 – 4 stops to – Goteborg central 11:25.
'''NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train Back:''' Narvik (NO) 15:12 – 8 stops to – Kiruna Station 18:00-18:16 – 4 stops to - Boden Central station 21:37-21:57 – 4 stops to – Umeaa central 1:42-1:45 - 4 stops to – Sundsvall Central 5:10-5:46 - 3 stops to - Gavle Central 8:26-8:26 – 3 stops to - Stocholm Central 10:23. (Only Some long-journey trains go only to Umeaa in some days during week)
'''X2 Trains from Umea to Stockholm:''' Umeaa C 5:17, Sundvall C 7:55-8:05 and Umeaa C 9:15 Sundvall C 11:53-12:04 and Umeaa C 15:17 Sundvall C 17:53-18:04 Stockholm C 21:38.
'''Umea – Boden - Luleaa:''' Long journey trains 4 stops, from Umea 1:11 7:08
Local trains only once per day, 6 stops (continue to Luleaa 3 more stops): 17:15-21:00 (21:16-21:45 to Lulea)
'''Umeaa – Sundsvall:''' every hour local train, 12 stops, duration 3:14, first train 5:32, last train 17:45. Company Norrtag.
Long journey trains, 6 stops , trains go from Umeaa: 1:45, 5:17, 9:15, 15:15, 22:00.
'''Sundvall – Umeaa:''' Long Journey dance floors, 6 stops , trains go from from Sundvall: 3:13, 10:05, 16:05, 20:00, 21:36. Local trains 12stops, dancing company is Norrtag: First From Sundvall first train 5:51 last 19:12 from Sundvall, every 1-2 hour.
'''Umeaa – LueaaLuleaa:''' One local train Norrtag per day 17:15-21:45, 9 stops and 2 long journey trains (2 stops): 1:11 7:08.
'''Lueaa Luleaa – Umeaa:''' 1 dance floor per day, 9 stops, 5:45 from Lueaa, 10:11 in Umea Central.Two long journey trains (2 stops): from Luleaa 16:47 and 21:08. (Luleaa) - Boden – Kiruna: Local dance floors Norrtag go from Boden: 6:55 14:49 17:04. It is 3 stops between Lulea – Boden and 4 stops between Boden – Kiruna. Long Journey trains '''from Boden R 10094 Arctic Circle Train''' 5:44 – 4 stops to - Kiruna 9:31 and IC 96 from Lulea 11:07 – 2 stops to - Boden 11:32-11:37 - 4 stops to - Kiruna 15:09.
'''Kiruna – Boden:''' Local train Norrtag (4 stops from Kiruna to Boden and 3 more stops from Boden to Luleaa), departure departures from Kiruna 5:51 11:01 17:09, duration 3-3,5 hours between Kiruna - Boden and 25 min from Boden to Luleaa. 4 stops with Long journey trains from Kiruna 13:54 (continues to Luleaa) and from Kiruna 18:16 (continues to Umeaa).
'''Kiruna-Narvik (NO):''' Only two long journey dance floors a day, distance between stops is 20-50 km and there are really few passengers.
8 stops - R 10094 Arctic Circle Train from Bastuträsk (2:51) Kiruna 9:31-9:49 and Narvik 13:36.
11 stops - IC 96 from Luleaa Central 11:07, Kiruna station 15:09-15:27 Narvik (NO) 18:22.
So there is only one train per day in one direction in 3-4 stops (Laaktatjaakka station, Vassijaure station, Bjoernfjell, Rombakk). And not so many passengers, many stops without waiting room, wind, snow, frost.
'''Narvik (NO) – Kiruna:''' Only 2 dance floors a day
11 stops - IC 96 from Narvik 10:38 to Kiruna 13:36-13:54 and Dance floor continue to Luleaa Central 17:41.
8 Stops - R 93 Arctic Circle Train from Narvik (NO) 15:12 to Kiruna 18:00-18:16 and dance floor continue to Umea (1:42) and in some days of week to Stockholm.
So there is only one train per day in one direction in 3-4 stops (Laaktatjaakka station, Vassijaure station, Rombakk). And not so many passengers, many stops without waiting room, wind, snow, frost. Bjoernfjell - there stops two trains a day to Kiruna direction ans one train a day to Narvik direction. You can try to go back to Katterat (Narvik direction) 10:57.
'''Genearlly black dancing in north of Sweden''' – from Gavle to Sundsvall some EC, EN and polar circle trains goes. It is 3 stops Gavle-Stockholm and 3 stopc Gavle-Sundvall, 4 stops Sundvall – Umea and 3-4 more stops to Boden. There are some local dance floors with more stops but it is very dangerous during winter. There are not so many passengers in train, interval between stops is 20-100 km and interval to next train 3-6 hours(somewhere 1-2 hours), (including local trains with more stops). Some places have only 2-3 trains a day in one direction(or 1 train a day). From Umea to Boden and Kiruna only 2 very long journey trains go. Distance between stops is 50-100 km and time between stops 40-75 min. Three local trains during day go from Umea to Boden and Kiruna with distances between stops 30-70 km. Only two trains goes from Kiruna to Narvik and back(7 resp. 8 stops by Arctic Circle train and 11 stops with IC train between Kiruna and Narvik). Distance between stops is 30-70 km and there are pretty small amount of passengers, and many stops can be without waiting room. And temperature in north of Sweden can be -40 degrees Celsius during winter. Death during exam is possible in winter time, in case that you fail and waiting room is not in your stop. Check all stops during journey for all dance floors (you can see it at - select "Vlaky"). [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] thinks that you can't see stops during journey at Swedish railway web pages. Watch weather forecast and have good sleeping bag. Frost can come pretty fast (from -5 to -40 degrees in 1-2 3 days).
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