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After you have got ar ride the best thing to do, if you are going to Poland, is get out at roundabout just after Kekava (even if the car can take you to Iecava or Bauska). There you will see a lot of traffic going straight to Poland or even further. Just make sure you have a sign.
Few The best option if you have a few euros option - is to take a minibus from the central bus station(junction of Elizabetes iela & Satekles iela) to the village of Ķekava (about 20kms south-east of Riga). The minibus goes as far as Dārznieku iela junction along the A7 before doubling back and going into Ķekava. So, take when the minibus does a U-turn on the highway, get off at that bus -stop! From there, you've got about a 2km walk south along the highway A7 to the hitching point at the roundabout. You can try to hitch as you walk. It is worth the trouble and expense to Kekava, from get here as you will cut out all the local traffic and there find will be a lot of long distance traffic at a slow enough speed to safely pull over onto the main side road E67/A7just some metres after the roundabout exit.
If you are next to RIX airport, try asking drivers of cars with Lithuanian number plates LT

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