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=== Southeast towards [[Daugavpils]], [[Rēzekne]], [[Russia]], [[Belarus]] {{E|22}} ===
You can take the tram #3, #7 or #9 to the end stop ''Dole''. Cross the street and find a bus stop near a parking spaceplace. Hitchhike from the parking space place or , if its it's full, stand before the bus stop. The problem with this spot might be that it is still in the city so a lot of traffic is local.
Better option is to take bus #18 ([ see route]) towards "Dārziņi" and get out at stop ''Pagrieziens uz Darziniem''. You'll be at ''Maskavas Iela'' near traffic lights where cars drive slowly and you can easily get a ride.
=== Southwest towards [[Liepāja]] ===

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