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# Walk out if the city centre along Riia street until you reach a huge roundabout (about 3.6km from the city centre). Hitch after the bus stop which is on the opposite side of the roundabout.
# Can be also reached by bus 1 which runs along Riia street and stops after the roundabout in that bus-stop where you are supposed to hitch.
# Or take a [http lounakeskuse-ekspressi-bussiajad free bus] from city centre (bus stops "Turu" and "Kaubamaja") to "Lõunakeskus" shopping center. Bus looks exactly like on the schedule with line number 69 (usual urban buses are all red). Once you get off the bus walk back towards the roundabout and start hitching.
=== Northeast towards Lake Peipsi and [[Narva]] ===

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