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=== South towards [[Dresden]] and [[Cottbus]] {{Autobahn|13}} ===
==== Option 1: B96a Altglienicke ====
Take S-Bahn S9 or S45 to ''Altglienicke''. When getting off, you'll see there is a road that runs parallel on your left-hand side to the S-Bahn line (if you are facing North), and a red light. To get there, leave the platform by using the footbridge and turning right at the staircase (walk over the road running parallel). There will be a pathway that goes down to the road - it's a little windy path that will eventually take you there. Cross the road to stand at the red light. You can ask cars every time they stop for the red light. The red light is 100 m before the onramp of the motorway going to Cottbus or Dresden. Note: there is nowhere for cars to pull over at the red light. As an alternative, it's better to walk ≈800m back (northeast) to the start of a wide hard shoulder on the highway. This shoulder ends at the beginning of the S-bahn, so there's lots of space for a car to pull over safely (as noted below).

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