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==== Option 2: Raststätte Am Fichtenplan ====
[[File:Berlinout.jpg|thumb|alt=E30 ''[[E30]]''.]]
Take S-bahn S2 to the end station ''Blankenfelde''. From there, take any regional train one stop to Dahlewitz. Turn right from the station and walk southeast ≈4 km along Bahnhofstrasse/L40 until you cross over the Autobahn A10/E30 bridge. Head down to the Autobahn and walk 1 km east to the big Aral petrol station. Walking on the Autobahn is illegal, so if you want to avoid the risk of getting caught, continue walking straight on the L40 after crossing the bridge for 1.6 km. There will be a small road on the left heading to the Autobahn. Walk north 850 m along this road until the start of the bridge over the Autobahn. Climb down to the field and walk east 300 m, parallel with the Autobahn, until you reach the Raststätte. (There is a fence to jump just before the Raststätte). See the map on the right.
There are a lot of cars and trucks. Altogether you need to walk ≈5 5 to 6 km, but the place is very good!
=== East towards [[Kostrzyn]] and [[Frankfurt an der Oder|Frankfurt (Oder)]] ===

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