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=== Northeast towards [[Lübeck]], [[Puttgarden]] {{Autobahn|1}} (& East towards [[Berlin]] {{Autobahn|24}}) ===
==== Option 1: Raststätte Stillhorn ====
You need to get Take S-bahn S3 or S31 to ''Wilhelmsburg'Raststätte Stillhorn''' on the A1. It is easy to get there. Just take S3 or S31 to Wilhelmsburg and then bus 13 to the last stop at ''Kirchdorf-Süd'' (max. ten minute trip). Walk east along Karl-Arnold-RIng for 200m200 m. Keep walking straight and cross over the small bridge. Turn '''right''' after the bridge on Altenfelder Weg and walk for ~500 meter ≈500 m to the junction with Stillhorner Weg. Turn left and walk for 400m400 m, crossing under the motorway Autobahn until you reach the path (Jakobsberg) just after the on-ramp. Walk 300m 300 m north along this path and you will reach the service stationRaststätte.
[[User:footsore|footsore]] got a lift all the way to [[Michendorf_Süd|Michendorf Süd rest stop]] at [[Potsdam]], just outside [[Berlin]], within half an hour at 9am on a Sunday morning. It is very easy to hitch into central Berlin from Michendorf Süd.

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