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=== South towards [[Lüneburg]] {{Autobahn|39}}, [[Hannover]] {{Autobahn|7}} & Southwest towards [[Bremen]] {{Autobahn|1}} ===
Follow Take S-bahn S3 or S31 to Wilhelmsburg and then bus 13 to the directions as above to '''Raststätte Stillhorn'''; however, after crossing last stop at Kirchdorf-Süd (max. ten minute trip). Walk east along Karl-Arnold-RIng for 200 m. Keep walking straight and cross over the little small bridge, turn . Turn '''left''' and walk 100m 100 m to the parking lot of the service stationRastatte.
If you are going towards the [[Netherlands]], get a ride south to ''Dammer Berge'' on the A1 (just before [[Osnabrück]]), where the [[A1 (Germany)|A1]] joins the [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] in the direction of [[Rheine]] and [[Amsterdam]].

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