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=== North towards [[Flensburg]], [[Kiel]], [[Denmark]] {{Autobahn|7}} ===
==== Option 1: Autobahn Junction HH-Schnelsen junction ====
[[File:Hamburg_hitchspot.jpg|250px|thumb|right|Hitching Spot at ramp ''Hamburg-Schnelsen'']]
Take U-bahn ''U2'' towards ''Niendorf-Markt''. From there get out and ask people for the bus station (''Busbahnhof''). Take bus 191 and get off at ''Sellhopsweg''. Walk some 200 m back to the traffic light. You'll see that the road going left follows the way to the motorway. There's no footpath, so you have to walk along the green space next to the road. Might be tricky in winter, easy in summer. Just take care when [[hitchhiking a truck|trucks]] and cars coming from behind! After some 300m you're at the ramp. There's enough space for you to stand on, and it's easy for cars to recognize you and to stop. Have a look at the picture for this spot. Oh, someone mentioned that this spot might be illegal to stand on, but can you find an ''Autobahn'' sign in the picture ? ;-)

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