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==== Option 2: K+R (Parking) Černý Most ====
See Take metro line B (yellow) to the end station ''Černý most''. There is the directions for Option 2 K+R (Park & Ride) to Hradec Královéthe right (east) of the station. Lots of hitchhikers use this place. Use a sign "MB" (Mladá Boleslav) or "LB" (Liberec). It's necessary to use a sign because the road splits in many directions. Due to the construction of sections of the Prague Ring (R1), long-distance traffic is lower each day; however, this spot is still usable.
=== Northwest towards [[Ústí nad Labem]], [[Teplice]], [[Dresden]], [[Berlin]] {{Dcz|8}}{{E|55}} ===

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