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==== Option 2: OMV petrol station on D8====
Take metro line C (red) to ''Letňany''. Take any bus heading north one stop, or walk 500m 500 m north, to ''Výstaviště Letňany''. Keep walking northwest along Tupolevova for 500m500 m, crossing over Beranovych to the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights. Cross Tupolevova here and keep heading southwest on the pathway leading onto Opocenska. Walk ≈250m ≈250 m along Opocenska and you will see a small footpath to the right (before the pedestrian/cycle bridge over the highway) heading straight to the OMV petrol station (≈150m ≈150 m walk).
==== Option 3: Bigger OMV petrol station on D8 ====

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