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==== Option 2: A40 Junction (Hangar Lane) ====
Take the Central Line tube (West Ruislip branch, zone 3) to ''Hangar Lane''(zone 3). As you exit into the main hall of the tube station, have a look at the local area map and find the exit for the westbound A40 slip road. Keep walking along the slip road, and then A40. There are two good places to hitch from:
1. A bus stop just past the junction with Lynwood Rd. It has a long lay-by, which is a good place to hitch from as long as there's nothing parked there. Legally, it's a "non-stopping except buses" lay-by.
2. The other place is half a mile further on, a little lay-by with no restrictions. I ([[User:Lnx|Lnx]]) have not personally hitched from there, but it looks like a good spot and has an advantage of being open to the entire A40 (the Lynwood Rd bus stop has a separation between the incoming slip road and the main carriageway, so you can only be picked up by traffic emerging from North Circular Road, or Lynwood Road). <br/ >

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