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=== South Mimms Services ===
South Mimms services are in Potters Bar in the northeast of London and are actually just off the M25 at the junction of the A1(M). For some reason, although it's a big services, you can get stuck here for hours. One option, as ever, is to ask people where they're headed... but there are so many directions possible that it could take a long time to find someone headed your way. Standing at the exit of the services is unlikely to work, for whatever reason. Several reports of hours of waiting here mean that you probably need to try something else. If you're going towards the west, you can stand at the ridiculous entrance to the west slip road onto the M25. Although insane, you should be able to get a fast ride out. Have a big sign and someone should be able to at least take you further down the M25 to a better junction, or directly to where you're going.., be it to the west or down to Sussex. Any information on going east?
=== Clacket Lane Services ===

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