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Hi Drumroots, I just unblocked you. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the good work! --[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]]<sup>([[User_talk:MrTweek|talk]])</sup> 03:02, 14 June 2016 (CEST)
=== Reply to Prino's message ===
Firstly, thank you Mr Tweek for unblocking me and your positive appraisal of my editing. And thank you Irningston for fighting my corner whilst I was unable to as my account was blocked… I'm not going to be editing for a while, the free time I had to do this is almost up and I'm going back on the road. But what I am going to do, now I finally get to exercise my right to reply, is to answer Prino's message… maybe you admins may think it is out of order and it goes against the proper use of talk pages, but that message of his really shook me up, and I have a right to defend myself. And if my reply in any way prevents other newbie editors, or anyone, being attacked by Prino, it would be worth it.
So Prino, from your photo, you actually do look like a frustrated grumpy old fart… so I shouldn't have been surprised with that nasty, aggressive, and condescending message you sent after I spent countless hours trying my best to improve Hitchwiki pages. And then getting my account blocked… and for what? For not using the Preview option enough? Is this a f*cking joke?
You need to get out more, bro, and get some perspective on life… you know, get angry about things like inequality, discrimination, Donald Trump… but not using the Preview button enough….? It's a f*cking joke, isn't it?!
And writing out McDonalds in full is giving this "despicable" corporation free publicity…. are you for f*cking real? Get out into the real world and get a reality check!!!
And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse… as I was writing my reply to you, you blocked my account and so denied me my legitimate right of free speech and a right to reply. Are you a man or a mouse? You attack me publicly, and I see that you continue to attack me, and you refuse to let me answer your snide comments by not only blocking my account, but changing that block from three days to indefinitely. Indefinitely?! - you really are a coward, aren't you?
Shall I tell you how it is when some stranger starts bossing and ordering you around? I'll give you a taste of your own medicine shall I?
:'''DO NOT''' ever make contact with me again. I don't need you dumping your f*cking shit on me!
See, it's not very nice is it?
And then right at the end of all your bullshit orders, you have the gall to issue a threat… like a bully abusing his power. Do you want to know what it feels like to be threatened, bullied, intimidated….? Well, I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine again with an example, which will serve also to treat your rude message with the contempt it deserves. So here goes...
If you ever write to me or anyone in that arrogant, dictatorial, and rude way again, I'm going to come and shove that f*cking Guinness Record so far up your f*cking arse that you literally are going to have shit coming out of your mouth!

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