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Questions about this method of traveling can be directed toward [[User talk:Dr.Keith|Keith]], who has used this method extensively throughout Germany.
=== Blackriding ===
Germany is great for riding the trains for free. ICE and IC are the best trains (with fewest stops). There's always two conductors on them. They are pretty pedantic about checking tickets, so it's pretty unavoidable to get caught. Once you're caught, however, you'll simply have to get off at the next stop. Sometimes they'll ask you to show your passport or remind you that you can buy a ticket on the train. They'll never call the police or give you any fines. The regional trains are not that bad too, they are lightly checked. The trains go all night (unless you're somehow stuck in a very bad station), so they're a great option when it's too late to hitchhike. Taking the very small train from Aachen to Liege (Belgium) is a very big mistake, you will get kicked off in a small village far from any main road and you will have problems getting out of there.
[[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] does not think that you are only kicked out of train. Control is very hard and pedant – all passengers, all places and WC too are checked. In high speed trains ICE with not so much stops – you have to manage seat reservation and conductor have free seats and seats with person in computer and compare stats with computer every station.
You can go to prison for free riding in Germany, not only in train. If you are captured first time, you only get penalty and controlor ask for your ID. If you are captured more times, you can get to jail for few weeks (or months, up to one year). And it is not only in train. For example you were captured first time in train and you got penalty. But you were captured second time in tram and you will go to jail for two weeks (PeterOB 's friend was captured in train and second time in tram and he go to jail for 14 days).
Generally, Germany is very bad and unrecommended for free riding in trains or public transport. But classic hitchhiking is quite good. Dumpster diving is quite good, especially a lot of bread in trash.
== [[Greece]] ==

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