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You can take the tram #3, #7 or #9 to the end stop ''Dole''. Cross the street and find a bus stop near a parking place. Hitchhike from the parking place or, if it's full, stand before the bus stop. The problem with this spot might be that it is still in the city so a lot of traffic is local.
Better option is to take bus #18 ([ see route]) towards "Dārziņi" and get out at stop ''Pagrieziens uz Darziniem''. You'll be at ''Maskavas Iela'' near traffic lights where cars drive slowly and you can easily get a rideat that bus stop. You should aim to get to Koknese because that's the place where two highways meet ant become one, in Koknese there is a wide roundabout with great visibility. If you're going to Russia and have been dropped near the border, you can cross it on foot without any problems. After the border the road is not busy and most of traffic is local, but if you spend some time you can catch cars going far away (nikkou caught a car going to Voronezh via Moscow after only 30 minutes). Consider using a big sign.
=== Southwest towards [[Liepāja]] ===

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