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:''It's only information I found on the net, I didn't verify it since I was dropped off at the station by someone heading '''to''' the city, but got a ride in about 1/2 hour (In Nov 2006)'' --[[User:Daniel|Daniel]] 20:21, 13 January 2007 (CET)
Bad Route to Germany? <br>
I found very little traffic going towards Germany / Bourg-en-Bresse from this location, and almost none going all the way to Germany. Little truck traffic and mostly trucks stopping for long rests. For the amount of time it takes to get to this rest stop it is probably better to head first to Dijon and from there continue towards Germany. -flasher702
=== East towards [[Chambéry]], [[Grenoble]], [[Geneva]] {{afr|43}} {{E|70}} ===

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