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=== Eastern Shore ===
If you're heading to Cape Breton from Halifax, going by the Eastern Shore is a good alternative to the highway. It will be slower, but more scenic and there's many nice places to stop on the way. To get out of Halifax, take any bus to Bridge Terminal, and then #401(doesn't run on weekends), #61 or #68 to Cherrybrook and ask to be let off on road 7/107 the farthest away from town (the buses might cross that road a few times on the way). From there just walk heading east and pick whatever spot looks good enough. You can take road 7 all the way to Antigonish, where it meets the main highway to Cape Breton.
Lake Major Road is the last traffic light near where the bus drops you off, any further up the cars are going too fast. If you wait on the other (east) side of the lights there's a turning lane that cars can pull in to.

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