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== Hitchhiking Books ==
Rather than With a genre long history of its ownvagabonding, the amount of literature on hitchhiking books probably fit better in a genre of alternative travel books, with Jack Kerouac’s On the USA is extensive. The Roadfollowing list gives an overview, Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods and Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenancewhich by all means is not complete.
To that list of fun and funny and moving and important books, we should add Colin Flaherty’s Redwood to Deadwood, a 53Jack Kerouac -year old dude hitchhikes across America. Again.On The Road Redwood to Deadwood describes Flaherty’s hitchhiking trip across America.  "''Before I tucked my thumb Bill Bryson - A Walk in for the final time, I'd run with wild horses. Visit a pot farm. Hunt big game. Poach big game. Get by a police helicopter. Get info family feuds. Ride in cop cars. Reconnect with old friends. Make new ones. Get tired WoodsRobert Pirsig - Zen and exhilarated. Lost and found. Kicked out and invited in''."the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceJacob Holdt - American Pictures"I know how Colin Flaherty - Redwood to cook muskrat, squiirrel and rockchuck. And oh yea, I almost got killed.”DeadwoodJon Krakauer - Into the WildBook reviewer Janet Jay said Tom Robbins - Even Cowgirls Get the book is [“the best hitchhiking I have ever read or even heard about.  My friend heard about it when she was sitting next to a guy on an airplane who was reading it. He was laughing out loud. So she asked about it. He said that was how he heard about it too. So books hitchhike as well as people.”]BluesRichard Grant - Ghost Riders
== Personal Experiences ==
== Links ==
* [ Review of the book "Readwood to Deadwood"]* [ "Readwood to Deadwood" book]

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