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Another option is to get to Metro Station Sarajishvili and walk over the bridge across the highway to one of the petrol stations (you can see both of them from the bridge) and start hitchhiking from there. Expect some weird looks from the guys who work there, and they might even tell you to get the hell out. Most of them don't speak or understand English which will make it hard to make clear what you're doing. But when you're feeling lucky, go for it! <!-- Doesn't seem illegal, and insensitive, why? {Prino) -->
Easy option: An option with little to no walking is to take a bus or marshrutka to the stop Agmashenebeli Alley #13 [2573], which you can find on google maps by typing "tbilisi bus stop 2573". Bus 14 goes from Rustaveli metro station, and you can find other bus routes on google maps. You can hitchhike directly from the bus stop or just walk until you find a clear spot where cars can pull over. Even though it's still in the city, it never took [[User:TBF|TBF]] more than 15 minutes to get a ride from this spot even when hitchhiking with ski equipment (10+ times)-- it doesn't look like a good hitchhiking spot at all, but you just need to overcome your non-Caucasian prejudice and trust that it'll work. A guy even picked up a group of 6 hitchhikers here once. Often the buses won't stop here unless you ask the driver, which likely requires some knowledge of Russian or Georgian, so a safer option is to get off one stop earlier (#1179) and walk from there. Make sure to watch the map as you're going, because if you miss the stop, you'll have to walk quite a ways. If you're on a different bus or other means of transport, anywhere on the stretch of road between here to after Carrefour is very easy to hitchhike.
=== East towards the airport and [[Telavi]] ===

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