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=== Southwest towards [[Liepāja]] ===
From city centre (for example "13. janvāra iela" which is the big bus stop opposite Stockman centreand the train station) take bus #4 ([ see route]) or bus #32 ([ see route]) towards "Pinķi" and get out at stop "Pagrieziens uz Pinķiem". You can start hitchhiking already there, because all the traffic that goes to [[Liepāja]] will pass here, but the road is big and fast so it might be better to walk 3km south to get on the exact road to Liepāja. Away from Riga ring road. Cars there really slow down and you can get a ride pretty quick. As of August 2017, no need to walk those 3 km further down the road. When you get out at stop "Pagrieziens uz Pinķiem", just walk back to the main road, there are traffic lights so cars have to slow down, and just after the traffic lights there is plenty of space for cars to pull over.
Or if you don't feel like walking you can take bus #43 ([ see route]) towards Skulte from the same "13. janvāra iela" stop and get out at stop "Beberbeķi" (Don't get confused with stop "Beberbeķu iela", there are still 3 stops to go). There you just walk few hundred meters down the road and here you are!
Nina Unexia tried both options in July/August 2017 and they both worked quite well, waiting time under 5 minutes.
=== Northwest towards [[Ventspils]], [[Talsi]], [[Tukums]] ===

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