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After the German embassy was creative enough to recommend to go to an airport and ask random police for an entrance stamp, the ministry of foreign affairs in Moscow confirmed that this is no problem for an overland traveller on another border and at the crossing to Kazakhstan nobody asked about the missing stamp.
'''UPDATE AUGUST 2017:''' This is no longer possible after Russia officially declared this border closed to third-(2017): Third country nationals (ie. non-not [[CIS passport holders]]). Even if you do manage are no longer allowed to cross into either country through this the Belarus/Russia bordereven with a valid visa for both countries, this will be treated as an illegal entry, so you will either be sent back due to reciprocity measures undertaken by the Russian Government because of EU sanctions. Non-CIS travelers are redirected to cross from Lithuania or deported, possibly having to pay Ukraine. There are checks at all major transit points. "Sneaking in" at a finerandom village is not advised.
==== [[People's_Republic_of_China|China]] ====

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