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United Kingdom

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* Cheap travel: if ever you do have to pay for transport, the cheapest option (by far) is They sometimes have special offers which allow you to travel for hundres of miles for 5 pound. (Not saying this to advertise for megabus, but sometimes it does make more sense to pay 5 quid for the whole journey, then to pay 4,50 quid on local transport to get to the hitchhiking spot.....)
* Trains: trains are privatised, therefore expensive (unless you get a special offer). While checks on trains happen with a maybe 50% chance, most of the stations have barriers, and are usually staffed. Don't count on any solidarity when trying to travel for free.
* Sleep/accomodation: Something to keep in mind is that the British government has threatened to deport (and ban from re-entry for a year) EU nationals who beg or "sleep in the street"/"sleep outside" in the UK. The exact application of this new rule isn't known yet, however. (''[[user:uncle_sam01|uncle_sam01]] finds this highly unlikely, so long the UK remains an EU member, ie. at least until March 2019, the UK cannot deport or deny entry to an EU national unless they have committed a serious crime and sleeping outside is nowhere near a serious crime.'') Squatting in England and Wales is still partly legal, there are squat scenes in London and Brighton, less so in Cardiff, Leeds, and Bristol. Yet, squats are often transient spaces, and difficult to run into if you don't have contacts. Note however, that squatting a commercial building is legal, so if you want to crash somewhere for a night, don't chose a residential building. For more information on squatting check
* Internet: In city libraries you can use Internet PCs for free after a short(ish) free registration (some want to see a passport, some aren't that strict). Legally this should be available to everyone, but in some localities, staff may say its only available to local residents or library members. In this case just ask to join the library.
* Free showers: Most larger UK universities have free shower facilities intended for students and staff who commute by bike. They're usually not in an access-restricted area, so getting in shouldn't be hard - try googling something like "[city/university name] bike showers" for a list of showers with locations and access restrictions, [ such as this one]. Appearing like a student/member of staff (ie. not like a vagrant hippy with a giant backpack :P) might help.

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