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You don't need to worry about formatting or spelling. Quite a few people regularly check [[Special:Recentchanges|Hitchwiki's most recent changes]] at least once a week and they'll be very happy to see you new addition - and they will consequently edit and make it look more like other articles on Hitchwiki.
There is however some standard to style new articles, like using an [[Template:Infobox_Location|infobox]] for cities. See [[Frankfurt am MainMagdeburg]] for an example, (one of the [[:Category:Excellent Articles|excellent articles]]) or just copy the followingthis template:
{{Infobox Location
|country =
|map = <map lat='50.11' lng='8.68' zoom='10' view='3' /> <!-- To find out coordinates, try and click on 'Share' (the square with an arrow on the right) -->
|state =
|pop = <!-- see -->
|plate =
|motorways =
== Hitching out ==
== More info Resources ==
|country = Turkey
|language = Turkish
|map = <map lat='39.29' lng='35' zoom='5' view='0' width='450' height='250' country='Turkey'/>
|capital = [[Ankara]]
|pop = 71,158,647
'''Country'' 'is an hitchhiking-[un]friendly country ...
== Climate ==
== License plates ==
== Regions ==
== Cities ==
== Language ==
== Hitchability ==
== Safety ==
== Climate ==
== Regions and Hitchability ==
== Cities and License plates ==
== Personal experiences ==
== Useful links Resources ==
If you have info Info on visa, food, accommodation, internet access or interesting places, consider adding them is best added to [[nomad:|Nomadwiki]](via the [[:nomad:Special:AddForm|form]]).

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