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And one more trick in trains between Bratislava and Kosice, which go through Zilina. This trains have a lot of carriages, and still sometimes crowded. Number of carriages is 10-13 during day with 2-3 conductors and 5-7 carriages during night time with 1-2 conductors. The key is that conductor do not go so often, usually once a 2-5 stations, especially in night trains. You can walk around conductor to area where tickets have been already checked. You can use outside way in some stops or walk around conductor inside train (wait when conductor finish your wagon and return for backpack). Interval to next check is quite long and conductor check new passengers only. You do not answer for new passenger checking (Sleep, look out of window, read a book). But be carefull in station Zilina - this is place for change conductors crew and new conductors checked all passengers. Similar situation is for EC from Prague to Budapest in Slovakian area (From Kuty to Sturovo). Conductor go only one or two times and you can walk around conductor. The similar situation is fror IC and EX trains from Prague to Zilina through Vsetin and Puchov. Conductor go only one or two times and you can change trains in Puchov (train from Bratislava go few minutes after) in Slovakian part. Ticket between last czech and first slovakian stop is quite expensive, and price in train (buy from conductor) can be cheaper than normal. Conductor usually do not go in border Kuty-Breclav but yes in border Horni Lidec - Puchov. If you are captured without ticket, you can be kicked out or conductor ask for paying penalty or your ID in EC train. Because of immigrats and druck, there are usually cops or security in international EC trains and sometimes might check your backpack and pockets (in Czech Area sometimes, especially in trains from Poland). More coops an be in international trains now because of immigrants. Trains between Kosice and Bratislava though Zilina, Trains between Czech Republic and Budapest through Bratislava and trains from Czech to Zilina through Puchov go once a two hours during day time.
== [[Dancing lines through Arctic Circle]] ==
There are four dancing lines, which goes through Arctic Circle, one in Norway, in Norland between Trondheim and Bodoe, one in Swenen-Norway from Stockholm, Umea to Kiruna, Narvik and two in Finland, first line is from Oulu and Kemi to Rovaniemi and Kemjarvi, second line is from Oulu and Kemi to Kolari.
The dancing line in Norway is by coast and fjords, it is realised by NSB. There is a lot of snow in winter and days are short, light is just 1-3 hours long in December. There is quite lot of mountains around and sea too. Summer is with a lot of rain and temperature 10-20. Winter temperature is around zero, from -10 to +5 usually, frost -15 or -20 degrees is rare, sometimes, winter can be colder in Spain or in Greece in mountains.
From Oslo to Bodoe, you always have to change dance floor in Trondheim. Lets search for dance floors from Trondheim to Bodoe. Blue-Black Dancing here can be pretty difficult. You have only one train during day and one train at night. Daily dance floor R or IC (REG 471 at goes from Trondheim S 7:38 and arrives to Bodoe 17:28, so it takes 9:50, almost 10 hours. It is 26 stops and 11 stops are with request only. There are high probability for changing conductors during journey. But conductor all check tickets probably after Trondheim resp. Bodoe and probably not or just few times more far behind Trondheim or Bodoe, but you can try just pretend sleep, conductor do not remember after long time and he does not care so much, who is new.
This is most north Norwegian dancing line by NSB, and it goes through Arctic Circle (66.55 degrees or 66 degrees 33 minutes) Arctic circle is between Mo i Rana and Bodoe, more exactly between Mo i Rana (66.3905 north) and Loensdal (66.7432 north), northest stations are Valnesfjord (67.2995), Tverlandet (67.3019), Moerkved (67.2838), Bodoe (67.2864), northest point of track looks to be by fjord coast (67.3305 north, 15.1567 east).
Stops in line Trondheim-Bodoe (REG 471) are: (Trondheim S 7:38 ,Vaernes 8:10-8:11 ,Stjoerdal 8:16-8:17 ,Levanger 9:06-9:07 ,Verdal 9:18-9:19 ,Steinkjer 9:44-9:46 ,Joerstad 10:16-10:17 R ,Snaasa 10:23-10:24 ,Grong 10:50-10:53 ,Harran 11:04-11:05 R ,Lassemoen 11:17-11:18 R ,Namsskogan 11:41-11:42 R ,Majvatn 12:03-12:04 R ,Trofors 12:36-12:37 ,Mosjoeen 13:06-13:09 ,Drevvatn 13:34-13:35 R ,Bjerka 13:55-13:56 ,Mo i Rana 14:17-14:20 ,Loensdal 15:39-15:40 R ,Roekland 16:00-16:01 R ,Rognan 16:14-16:15 ,Fauske 16:37-16:46 ,Valnesfjord 16:53-16:54 R ,Tverlandet 17:10-17:11 R ,Moerkved 17:17-17:18 R ,Bodoe 17:28) R means request stop. Daily train has a lot of stops and regular checking is probably not so often, there are probably not so many passengers. You can try to hide between passengers or in toilet. You do not need reservation for daily train.
Night train goes 23:40 from Trondheim S to Bodoe 9:15. Type of train is IC or R-Regional (REG 475 at It is 20 stops and 8 stops are request only. Journey takes 9:35. Train stops only for 1-4 minutes at station. There are beds inside and seat reservation obligatory.
Stops are (REG 475): (Trondheim S 23:40 ,Vaernes 0:05-0:06 ,Stjoerdal 0:10-0:11 ,Levanger 0:50-0:51 ,Verdal 1:03-1:04 ,Steinkjer 1:27-1:29 ,Snaasa 2:06-2:07 R ,Grong 2:37-2:40 ,Namsskogan 3:27-3:28 R ,Trofors 4:24-4:25 ,Mosjoeen 4:54-4:58 ,Bjerka 5:42-5:43 R ,Mo i Rana 6:05-6:08 ,Loensdal 7:26-7:27 R ,Roekland 7:47-7:48 R ,Rognan 8:01-8:02 ,Fauske 8:25-8:30 ,Valnesfjord 8:37-8:38 R ,Tverlandet 8:56-8:57 R ,Moerkved 9:03-9:04 R ,Bodoe 9:15)
Back from Bodoe to Trondheim – situation is the same. One daily train REG 472 and one night train REG 476 only (IC or R at departure board and REG at The daily dance floor goes from Bodoe 12:27 to Trondheim S 22:05. Duration is 9:38. It is 26 stops with 11 request stops. There are probably not so many people in train and there is probability of conductor changing during journey.
REG 472: (Bodoe 12:27 , Moerkved 12:32-12:33 R, TVERLANDET 12:40-12:41 R, Valnesfjord 12:56-12:57 R, Fauske 13:08-13:11 , Rognan 13:31-13:32 , Roekland 13:39-13:40 R, Loensdal 14:06-14:07 R, Dunderland 14:48-14:56 , Mo i Rana 15:28-15:31 , Bjerka 15:51-15:52 , Drevvatn 16:11-16:12 R, Mosjoeen 16:38-16:41 , Trofors 17:11-17:12 , Majvatn 17:45-17:46 R, Namsskogan 18:07-18:08 R, Lassemoen 18:31-18:32 R, Harran 18:43-18:44 R, Grong 18:58-19:07 , Snaasa 19:33-19:34 , Joerstad 19:37-19:38 R, Steinkjer 20:13-20:16 , Verdal 20:37-20:38 , Levanger 20:53-20:54 , Stjoerdal 21:32-21:33 , Vaernes 21:34-21:35 , Trondheim S 22:05) R means request stop.
Night train from Bodoe to Trondheim – situation is the same. There are beds and seat reservation obligatory, probably not so many passengers. You can try to hide in the dark coupe and pretended sleeping, but chance of success is dubious (or more persons inside one sleeping bag or one blanket can go with one ticket). Night train goes from Bodoe 21:10 to Trondheim S 7:47. It is REG 476 at Duration is 10:30 and it is 20 stops, 8 request stops include. Train wait at stops from 1 to 13 minutes.
REG 476: (Bodoe 21:10 , Moerkved 21:15-21:16 R, TVERLANDET 21:23-21:24 R, Valnesfjord 21:40-21:41 R, Fauske 21:54-21:58 , Rognan 22:18-22:19 , Roekland 22:26-22:27 R, Loensdal 22:57-22:58 R, Mo i Rana 0:13-0:20 , Bjerka 0:40-0:41 R, Mosjoeen 1:30-1:40 , Trofors 2:09-2:10 , Namsskogan 3:15-3:28 , Grong 4:23-4:26 , Snaasa 4:53-4:54 R, Steinkjer 5:37-5:40 , Verdal 6:02-6:03 , Levanger 6:14-6:15 , Stjoerdal 7:04-7:05 , Vaernes 7:06-7:07 , Trondheim S 7:47) R is request stop.
The second line is in Sweden, from Stockholm to Narvik. It goes throught Stockhlm, Gavle, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, Umea, Boden-Lulea, Kiruna, Narvik. This is most north dancing line in Shenghen or European Union. There are plenty trains from Stockholm to Gavle, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, a lot of high-speed dance floors SJ Snabbstaag and long journey trains (SJ IC, SJ Nattaget, Arctic circle train). Some SJ Snabbstaag goes more north to Umea and there are SJ IC, SJ Orviga ,SJ Nattaget (night train) and local Norrtaag from Umea to Boden and Lulea.
It is 6 stops between Sundsvall and Umea with SJ Snabbtaag or night trains NZ 91, NZ 92 (NZ 91 and NZ 92 goes between Goteborg, Stockholm and Lulea – SJ Nattaget at departure board). Stops are: (Sundsvall, Timraa, Härnösand, Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik C, Umeaa Östra, Umeaa Central). From Stockholm-Sundsvall to Umea goes one SJ Snabbstaag in morning and 2-3 trains SJ Snabbtaag in afternoon-evening. From Umea goes one SJ Snabbstaag at early morning, one at morning and one at afternoon. NZ 92 goes at early morning 2:58 from Sundsvall and NZ 91 at evening 22:26 from Umea. NZ 91 and NZ 92 can be marked like R 91 and R 91 between Sundsvall and Luleaa at and SJ Orviga at departure board.
There is once a 1-3 hours local dance floor Norrtaag between Sundsvall and Umea, but it is 11 stops and many stops can be without waiting room. Temperature -30 is possible already there. Stops are: (Umeaa Central, Umeaa Östra, Hörnefors, Nordmaling, Husum(S), Örnsköldsvik Norra, Örnsköldsvik C, Kramfors, Härnösand, Timraa, Sundsvall Västra, Sundsvall Central ).
There is SJ Nattaget night dance floor Arctic circle train (NZ 94 to Narvik and NZ 93 to Stockholm only with 4 stops (Sundsvall Central, Härnösand station , Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik C, Umeaa Central). NZ 94 goes at evening 22:34 from Sundsvall and NZ 93 goes at early morning (1:19) from Umea.
From Umeaa to Boden is more difficult, because there are not so many trains. There are only two night trains quite early morning and one train during day. One is NZ 92 from from Umea 6:30 to Boden and Lulea, which can be marked at idos cz too like blue regional R 92 from Sundsvall, Umeaa to Boden, Lulea. This train has 5 stops (Umeaa Central, Vindeln, Bastuträsk, Jörn, Älvsbyn, Boden, Sunderby sjukhus, Luleaa Central). And there is of course night dance floor NZ 94 Arctic Circle train with 4 stops only (Umeaa Central, Bastuträsk, Jörn, Älvsbyn, Boden). There is once a day regional dance floor R 7108 Norrtaag Umea C 16:11 – Boden C 19:27 with 8 stops, 3 more stops to Lulea central 20:05. Stops are (Umeaa Central, Vannasby, Tvaralund, Vindeln, Hällnäs, Bastuträsk, Jörn, Älvsbyn, Boden, Sunderby sjukhus, Luleaa Notviken, Luleaa Central) So there is only one train per day in some stops and many stations can be without waiting room. Death during exam is possible here. In winter can be -30 degrees often here. All stops extra are between Umea and first stop (Vindeln) Bastuträsk, except Hällnäs. Hällnäs is strange too, only one train Norrtaag to direction Boden, Lulea stops here.
From Boden to Umeaa goes at night NZ 93 Arctic Circle train with 4 stops from Boden 21:55 (Boden, Älvsbyn, Jörn, Bastuträsk, Umeaa) and R 91 (SJ Orviga) from Boden 18:25 with 5 stops (Boden, Älvsbyn, Jörn, Bastuträsk, Vindeln, Umeaa). R 91(NZ 91 or NZ 3291) continues to Kramfors and Härnösand (Sundsvall, Stockholm, Goteborg). There is only once a day in early morning one local dance floor R 7103 Norrtaag with 7 stops. Two more stops are between Vindeln and Umeaa. All stops: (Boden, Älvsbyn, Jörn, Bastuträsk, Vindeln,Tvaralund, Vannasby, Umeaa). All extra-stops are close to Umeaa too.
Boden is big crossroad. One direction by train and road is to Lulea. It is 1-3 stops and trains goes quite often, in morning and afternoon-evening every 1-2 hours, but no train 11-14 h. There are Long journey SJ IC trains (IC at, night trains SJ Nattaget (NZ at and trains SJ Orviga (R at in Boden. From Lulea is road like motorway to Finland, but no train. You can check hitchhicking places at map. First train station with good connection is Kemi and it is one stop and 58 minutes between Kemi and Oulu.
Between Boden and Kiruna. SJ IC trains goes between Lulea-Boden-Kirina-Narvik (IC 95 from Kiruna, Narvik and IC 96 to Kiruna, Narvik) with four stops and there are long journey dance floors between Stockholm and Narvik (NZ 94 Arctic Circle train in early morning to Kiruna, Narvik and NZ 93 Arctic Circle train in afternoon-evening from Narvik, Kiruna to Boden, Stockholm) with four stops between Boden and Kiruna.
Stops for SJ IC and SJ Nattaget (IC and NZ at are: (Boden, Murjek, Nattavaara, Gällivare, Kiruna), journey takes about 3:05-3:40 hours. There are during day 3 regional dance floors in each direction (one in morning and two in afternoon) Norrtaag dancing company. Norrtaag dance floor has usually only 4 same stops too, like with long journey trains, BUT one Norrtaag train per day has 3 extra stops (R 7154 Norrtaag Lulea 16:30 Boden 17:03 Kiruna 20:07 and R 7151 Norrtaag Kiruna 6:20 Boden 9:27-9:29 Lulea 9:52) R 7154 and R 7151 has three more stops between Gällivare and Kiruna - (Fjällaasen, Kaitum, Sjisjka). How many stations are with waiting room is dubious, but waiting room is closed at night. And there are three stations, where is easy to stack whole night or day. Especially in these dangerous stations with only one train per day in one direction - Death during exam is possible here, in case, that you fail. Temperature in winter can be easily -30 and rarely -40.
Between Kiruna and Narvik. This is area with mountains and lakes and many small villages and resorts. Narvik has quite mild winter with temperature from -10 to -15, sometimes -15, but rarely -20 and mountains divide warm Atlantic air and cold continental air. There are big temperature differences in small distances or between valley and hill. There are two trains per day in one direction between Kiruna and Narvik. It is 7 or 8 or 11 stops between Kiruna and Narvik. Dance floor NZ 93 Arctic circle train (SJ Nattaget) from Stocholm to Narvik (from Stockholm 17:29, Kiruna 9:36-9:54 , Narvik 12:29, 7 stops) from Narvik to Stockholm (NZ 93 Arctic circle train Narvik 15:15, Kiruna 17:58-18:25, Sockholm 9:15, 8 stops). Second train is with 11 stops, IC 96 from Lulea-Boden-Kiruna to Narvik (IC 96 Kiruna 14:19-14:45 and Narvik 17:45, 11 stops) and IC 95 from Narvik to Kiruna-Boden-Lulea (IC 95 Narvk 11:00, Kiruna 13:43-14:02).
Many stations should be with waiting room, but some stations have waiting room. And some stations has only one train per day in one direction. Oceanic side of mountains is warmer, but there still can be -15 or even -20. Valleys in mountains and area around Kiruna can be very cold, sometimes -30 or even -40 degrees and death during exam is possible here.
Riksgränsen station (68.4266 north) is station by SE-NO border (in Sweden, 1 km from border). Bjoernfjell is first station in Norway, about 1.5 km from border.
This dancing line is most north at all in Europe, except Russia. Another three dancing lines goes about 67 degrees only, or through Arctic Circle. But dancing line between Kiruna and Narvik crosses 68 degrees north.
Searching for most north position by GoogleMaps:
One of most north point E10 (68.443 north, 18.609 east) and railway (68.43405 north,18.5986 east) is close to big lakes, north-west from tornehamn and Björklidens Golfklubb in Sweden (there is hotel and maybe some good dumpsters too). The second northest possibility is E10 (68.4343, 18.2513) and railway (68.4305, 18.2482) is close to Vassijaure station (68.4290, 18.2603). In Norway is far north station Haugfjell (68.4405, 18.0180) and nordest rail point close to this station (68.4441,18.0481) and Narvik (68.4416, 17.4414). And by fjourd and Atlantic coast, most north place of dancing line was found. Most north railway (68.4516,17.483) resp. (68.4502,17.5420) and northern E10 is on another place before coast (68.5163,17.8727). NO-SE border on the track is (68.4300, 18.1057) and by E10 (68.4352, 18.1068).
Position of Stations Kiruna-Narvik by
Kiruna station (67.8677, 20.2000), Abisko Östra Station (68.3490, 18.8288), Abisko Turiststation (68.3574, 18.7825), Björkliden station (68.4065, 18.6858), Laaktatjaakka station (68.4237, 18.3242), Vassijaure station (68.4296, 18.2577), Katterjaakk station (68.4198, 18.1613), Riksgränsen station (68.4266, 18.1207), Bjoernfjell ( 68.4318, 18.0739), Katterat (68.3975, 17.9658), Rombakk (68.4038, 17.7914), Straumsnes unused station (68.4340, 17.6566), Narvik (68.4417, 17.4414). Nordest point of dancing line close to Narvik (68.4517, 17.4986) and (68.4517, 17.4808), and second nordesr point is between Katterat and Rombakk - (68.4441, 18.0484), SE-NO border rail is (68.4301, 18.1057).
NZ 94 Arctic Circle Train
(Stockholm Central 17:29 BO, Arlanda Central 17:50 17:53 BO, Uppsala Central 18:14 18:21 BO, Gävle Central 19:23 19:26, Söderhamn station 20:23, Hudiksvall station 21:16 21:21, Sundsvall Central 22:19 22:34, Härnösand station 23:23, Kramfors 23:52, Örnsköldsvik C 0:44, Umeaa Central 1:40 1:50, Bastuträsk station 3:23, Jörn station 3:46, Älvsbyn station 4:45 4:46, Boden Centralstation 5:24 5:51, Murjek station 7:23, Nattavaara station 7:50, Gällivare station 8:24, KIRUNA STATION 9:36 9:54, Abisko Östra Station 10:57, Abisko Turiststation 11:02, Björkliden station 11:12, Katterjaakk station 11:36, Riksgränsen station 11:41, Katterat 11:59 12:00, Narvik 12:29 GO)
NZ 93 Arctic Circle Train
(Narvik 15:15 BO, Katterat 15:42 15:43, Bjoernfjell 15:59 16:00, Riksgränsen station 16:04, Katterjaakk station 16:10, Björkliden station 16:31, Abisko Turiststation 16:41, Abisko Östra Station 16:47, KIRUNA STATION 17:58 18:25, Gällivare station 19:34, Nattavaara station 20:08, Murjek station 20:41 20:42, Boden Centralstation 21:38 21:55, Älvsbyn station 22:24, Jörn station 23:25, Bastuträsk station 23:48, Umeaa Central 1:15 1:19, Örnsköldsvik C 2:17, Kramfors 3:03, Härnösand station 3:31, Sundsvall Central 4:24 4:35, Hudiksvall station 5:39, Söderhamn station 6:18 6:29, Gävle Central 7:25 7:27, Uppsala Central 8:26 8:33 GO, Arlanda Central 8:51 8:54 GO, Stockholm Central 9:15 GO)
IC 96
(Luleaa Central 10:00 BO, Sunderby sjukhus station 10:11 BO, Boden Centralstation 10:26 10:35, Murjek station 11:50, Nattavaara station 12:14, Gällivare station 12:46, KIRUNA STATION 14:19 14:45, Abisko Östra Station 15:54, Abisko Turiststation 15:59, Björkliden station 16:08, Laaktatjaakka station 16:31, Vassijaure station 16:36 16:41, Katterjaakk station 16:47, Riksgränsen station 16:52, Bjoernfjell 16:57 16:58, Katterat 17:13 17:14, Rombakk 17:25 17:26, Narvik 17:45 GO)
IC 95
(Narvik 11:00 BO, Rombakk 11:19, Katterat 11:30, Bjoernfjell 11:44 11:45, Riksgränsen station 11:49, Katterjaakk station 11:55, Vassijaure station 12:02, Laaktatjaakka station 12:06, Björkliden station 12:20, Abisko Turiststation 12:29, Abisko Östra Station 12:35, KIRUNA STATION 13:43 14:02, Gällivare station 15:20, Nattavaara station 16:02, Murjek station 16:30, Boden Centralstation 17:42, Sunderby sjukhus station 18:12 18:13 GO, Luleaa Central 18:22 GO)
Third journey through Arctic circle is in Finland. It goes from Oulu to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. There are three daily IC dance floors and two night IC dance floors. Daily ICs are one from-to Helsinki, one from-to Kuopio and one just from-to Oulu. Night dance floors are from-to Helsinki. Rovaniemi is last big city with quite good train connection. Rovaniemi station is still not behind Arctic Circle, it is still (66.4980 north), Arctic circle is 66.55, it goes probably through most north houses in Rovaniemi. Dancing line continues east-east-north with two stops Misi and Kemijärvi. These stops are behind Arctic circle already. But only one train per day goes in one direction from-to Misi (66.6179 north) and Kemijärvi (66.7243 north,. It is night dance floor between Helsinki and Kemijärvi. Dancing line continues from Kemijärvi to east-east-north to Murmansk in Russia, without trains. Some HOBO (Freight train) can go there with wood. But Russia is with hard passports and visa checking and it is really violent country. Trains that goes from-to Kemijärvi, has only one stop between Oulu and Rovaniemi, it is Kemi (Crossroad). All other trains stops: (Oulu (Uleaborg), Kemi, Tervola, Muurola, Rovaniemi).
IC 265 Night Dance Floor From Helsinki (Oulu (Uleaborg) 4:50 4:57, Kemi 6:03 6:07, Rovaniemi 7:28 7:40, Misi 8:16 8:17, Kemijärvi 8:45)
IC 273 Night Dance Floor from Helsinki (Oulu (Uleaborg) 7:19 7:43, Kemi 8:47 8:51, Tervola 9:32 9:33, Muurola 10:19 10:20, Rovaniemi 10:40)
IC 711 from Kuopio (Oulu (Uleaborg) 12:24 12:27, Rovaniemi 17:17)
IC 415 from Oulu (Oulu (Uleaborg) 18:30, Rovaniemi 20:44)
IC 27 from Helsinki (Oulu (Uleaborg) 20:52 20:56, Rovaniemi 23:34)
IC 22 to Helsinki (Rovaniemi 5:55, Oulu (Uleaborg) 8:15 8:33)
IC 414 to Oulu (Rovaniemi 9:27, Oulu (Uleaborg) 11:50)
IC 416 to Oulu (Rovaniemi 12:09, Oulu (Uleaborg) 14:23)
IC 710 to Kuopio (Rovaniemi 15:18, Oulu (Uleaborg) 17:37 17:42)
IC 266 Night Dance Floor to Helsinki (Rovaniemi 18:03, , Oulu (Uleaborg) 20:55 21:23)
IC 274 Night Dance Floor to Helsinki (Kemijärvi 19:45, Misi 20:11 20:12, Rovaniemi 20:50 21:15, Kemi 22:30 22:33, Oulu (Uleaborg) 23:36 23:42)
Position of stations by Oulu (65.0114, 25.4842), Kemi (65.7368, 24.5745), Tervola (66.0816, 24.7721), Muurola (66.3707, 25.3753), Rovaniemi (66.4980, 25.7053), Misi (66.6179, 26.6865), Kemijärvi (66.7243, 27.4035).
The last journey is from Oulu, Kemi to Kolari. Kolari is most north Finish station. Kemi is crossroad for roads and trains to direction Kolari, Rovaniemi and Oulu. It is only one stop between Oulu and Kemi and 3 or 1 stops between Kemi and Rovaniemi. There is road-highway between Oulu (FI) – Kemi (FI) and Luleaa (SE), Boden (SE) around Baltic Sea. First Swedish train station is Luleaa.
By - From Kolari to south (to Helsinki) goes only few trains, like Ex 270 and Ex 272. Ex 270 goes only 29-30th April and 17th June and Ex 272 goes only 1st May and 15th, 18th June. Both are night trains with beds and wagon for cars.
Trains between Oulu and Kolari seems to be extreme rare. There are only few days at spring with express night train between Helsinki and Kolari. There can be some HOBO (freight train) with wood, but it is possible only in Summer, of course. Stops are: (Oulu, Kemi, Tornio Itäinen, Ylitornio, Pello, Kolari). Tornio Itäinen is station by Baltic coast and SE-FI border. But there are almost no trains, so closest good station is Kemi. Dancing line between and Kolari is by Sweden-Finland border and river.
Position of stations by Oulu (65.0114, 25.4842), Kemi (65.7368, 24.5745), Tornio Itäinen (65.8508, 24.18293), Ylitornio ( 66.3244, 23.6825), Pello (66.7843, 23.9928), Kolari (67.3488, 23.8360). Arctic circle is between Ylitornio and Pello.
North Finland – Lapland is mostly lowland (like almost whole Finland) with plenty of lakes. Finland is most east Scandinavian country too, and mountains blocked warm air from Atlantic, but cold an in Russia is not so far. That's why in north-Finland (Lapland) is sometimes extreme cold. If Siberian high spread, then is in Finland clear and super cold. There can e like winter extreme around -35 or -40 degrees in night and -30 or -35 during day around Arctic circle. It can be bellow -40 rarely.
Day length is in winter just 1-3 hours close to Arctic Circle, but there is never-ended light in June. Summer is with plenty of mosquitoes. Many stations in Finland have not waiting room, only big stations have waiting room (and waiting room is closed at night).
Then Death during exam is possible in case, that you fail and waiting room is not in your stop (or waiting room is closed at night). You can tell that you have no place to sleep and if you are polite, conductor can let you travel, or he can give you fine, which you don't need to pay (Sweden SEK 1200, Finland Eur 80, Norway NOK 1150). Or conductor can call police, if you refuse to leave train, and police will let you be at their station during night.
== [[Denmark]] ==

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