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'''Between Kiruna and Narvik'''. This is area with mountains and lakes and many small villages and resorts. Narvik has quite mild winter with temperature from -10 to -15, sometimes -15, but rarely -20 and mountains divide warm Atlantic air and cold continental air. There are big temperature differences in small distances or between valley and hill.
''There are two trains per day in one direction between Kiruna and Narvik''. It is 7 or 8 or 11 stops between Kiruna and Narvik. Dance floor NZ 94 Arctic circle train (SJ Nattaget) from Stocholm to Narvik '''(Stockholm 17:29, Kiruna 9:36-9:54 , Narvik 12:29, 7 stops)'' and from Narvik to Stockholm ''(NZ 93 Arctic circle train Narvik 15:15, Kiruna 17:58-18:25, Sockholm 9:15, 8 stops)''. Second train is with 11 stops, '''IC 96''' from Lulea-Boden-Kiruna to Narvik ''(IC 96 Kiruna 14:19-14:45 and Narvik 17:45, 11 stops)'' and '''IC 95''' from Narvik to Kiruna-Boden-Lulea ''(IC 95 Narvk 11:00, Kiruna 13:43-14:02)''.
Many stations should be with waiting room, but some stations have waiting room open nonstop. Some stations has only one train per day in one direction. There are few skiing centers, like Abisko. Oceanic side of mountains is warmer, but there still can be -15 or even -20. Valleys in mountains and area around Kiruna can be very cold, sometimes -30 or even -40 degrees and death during exam is possible here.

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