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There are four dancing lines, which goes through Arctic Circle, one in Norway, in Norland '''between Trondheim and Bodoe''', one in Sweden-Norway '''from Stockholm, Umea to Kiruna, Narvik''' and two in Finland, first line is '''from Oulu and Kemi to Rovaniemi and Kemjarvi''', second line is '''from Oulu and Kemi to Kolari'''.
There are at least '''four more dancing lines in Rusia''', that goes behind Arctic Circle. It is '''Nikel Murmansk line'''railway to Murmansk and close to Norwegiad border, with most north stop 69.408 norh. Second line is '''from Novyj Urengoj to Arctic coast''', already est from Ob river. Last station is small tovn by coast 67.910 north. Another railroad behind Arctic circle is by '''Vorkuta''' city. Most north stop is village 67.603 north and town 67.599 north. Most north railway in the world is close to island Nova Zemia. It is '''Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line''' that goes from Obskaya (close to Salekhard) north-east to Bovanenkovo region, last stop is '''Most north station is in small town 70.320 north''', last station is Karskaya 70.3168 north. Probably most north railway in America is '''railway in Alaska from Anchrange to Fairbanks'''. But Fairbanks station is only 64.851 north, Arctic circle 66.55 north.
The dancing line in Norway is by coast and fjords, it is realized by '''NSB dancing company'''. There is a lot of snow in winter and days are short, light is just 1-3 hours long in December. There is quite lot of mountains around and sea too. Summer is with a lot of rain and temperature 10-20. Winter temperature is around zero, from -10 to +5 usually, frost -15 or -20 degrees is rare, sometimes, winter can be colder in Spain or in Greece in mountains.
Trains between Oulu and Kolari seems to be extreme rare. There are only few days at spring with express night train between Helsinki and Kolari. There can be some HOBO (freight train) with wood, but it is possible only in Summer, of course. Stops are: ''(Oulu, Kemi, Tornio Itäinen, Ylitornio, Pello, Kolari)''. Tornio Itäinen is station by Baltic coast and SE-FI border. But there are almost no trains, so closest good station is Kemi. Dancing line between and Kolari is by Sweden-Finland border and river.
Position of stations by Oulu (65.0114, 25.4842), Kemi (65.7368, 24.5745), Tornio Itäinen (65.8508, 24.18293), Ylitornio ( 66.3244, 23.6825), Pello (66.7843, 23.9928), Kolari (67.3488, 23.8360). Arctic circle (66.55) is between Ylitornio and Pello. North Finland – Lapland is mostly lowland (like almost whole Finland) with plenty of lakes. But west part of Lapland is with mountains. Finland is most east Scandinavian country too, and mountains blocked warm air from Atlantic, but cold an in Russia is not so far. That's why in north-Finland (Lapland) is sometimes extreme cold. If Siberian high spread, then is in Finland clear and super cold. There can e like winter extreme around -35 or -40 in few days, -30 is quite often behind Arctic circle. It can be bellow -40 rarely. Ussual winter temperature in north Finland is 0C to -25C .Day length is in winter just 2-5 hours close to Arctic Circle (icluding twillight, Sun is still bellow horizon), but there is never-ended light in June. Summer is with plenty of mosquitoes. Many stations in Finland have not waiting room, only big stations have waiting room (and waiting room is closed at night). Then '''Death during exam is possible in case, that you fail and waiting room is not in your stop (or waiting room is closed at night)'''. You can tell that you have no place to sleep and if you are polite, conductor can let you travel, or he can give you fine, which you don't need to pay (Sweden SEK 1200, Finland Eur 80, Norway NOK 1150). Or conductor can call police, if you refuse to leave train, and police will let you be at their station during night. '''There is really short, but northernmost Scandinavian railway in Norway, by Kirkenes''' too, it is only from Bjornevatn mine (69.6565,30.0075) to harbour-coast, 8.484 long. By harbour is most north point of this railway, (69.7258,30.0299) Kirkenes statio (69.7220, 30.0326), Bjornevatn station in the mine (69.6683. 29.9979). '''Other dancing lines behind Arctic Circle''' are not in Scandinavian countries, but in Russia. One of northernmost dancing lines is close to Finland. You need visa to Russia and it can be hard to get visa. Trains in Russia are relative cheap, iit can be difficult to take it for free. However, the ticket for smaller distance, than you travel can work until conductor change. Trains with reservation obligatory are dubious.  '''Far north dancing line is from St. Pettersburg to Murmansk'''. Murmansk is harbour for cargo at the fjord from Barent sea and lot of freight trains go to Murmask too, cargo from ships to trains is taken there. Position of '''Murmansk station''' is (68.972,33.068). Harbour for ships is next to train station. Railway continues more north by Fjord, there are two stops behind Murmansk. Names are in Asbuka, but coordinates are: first stop is north of Murmansk (69.020,33.097) and second stop is north-east from Murmansk, at the end of main railway (69.056,33.377). Railway splits by this place to three branches to town and to military area. Most north point before last stop by some town is (69.064,33.353), by road (47K-079). Most north point after last stop is by the town and fjord, at the end of north branch of railway (69.079,33.402). However, '''the most north station and railway in this region is not by Murmansk''', but railway close to Norwegian border '''Nikel Murmansk line'''. About 10 km before Murmansk, in station '''1437 KM''' railway splits to Murmansk and to north-west. Railway continues first south-west to first station (68.8200,32.8179). Next stop is small village (68.969,32.454). At (68.989,32.419) railway split to north to military area and to north-west. Next stops are small villages (69.078,32.123), (69.189,31.694), (69.268,31.245). Next stop is by some mine, and town (69.400,31.106). In this station railway splits to west - to mine, military area, and more far to west with two stops (69.408,30.795) and (69.420,30.257). Main route continues to north-north-west. Main branch of '''Murmansk Nikel Line''' continues to north, to last and '''northernmost stop (69.5095,31.1630)'''. Railway continues from last stop about 7-10km little bit more north by road P21 and it ends close to swamp, military area and hospital. The railway (with no stops anymore) ends at (69.5695,31.2294), next to road 47K-081. It is not so far from Norwegian border, about 10 km directly. Road P21 continues to border and to Norway, it continue like E105 in Norway, E105 meets with E6 close to Kirkenes. E6 is main Norwegian road from Kirkenes to Oslo and Malmo (SE). There is plan tho connect this railway in Russia with 8.5 log railway from mine to Kirkenes. It means to build 25 km of new railway and it can cost about EUR 1 billion. '''Russia is not so free country and traveling by train for free can me more dangerous than in Europe, like everything'''. You can get into trouble much more easily than in Scandinavia. However many people in Russia try to taking train for free, including train hoping. Railway to Murmansk and close to Norway is more far from sea with more continental climate, and temperature in winter here is ussually -10 to -25, sometimes bellow -30, seldomly -40 or even -45 degrees. And some stations are without waiting room. Probability of being kicked out is bigger than in European countries and it is more dangerous than in Scandinavia, like everything in Russia. There is another railway in Russia, which goes behind Arctic circle. It is south from Nova Zemia island, on the way '''Konosa - Kotlas - Vorkuta - Salechard''' There is some circle from main railroad by Vorkuta, and there is most north place. Two most north stations are some villages (67.603,63.911) and (67.597,64.107) Vorkuta station is by OSM (67.470,64.027). Most north point of railway is (67.609,64.076) by some cargo place and depo with most north point of depo (67.612,64.083). The crossroad with nord ring and main railway Konosa-Kotlas-Sachelad is (67.112,63.302), already behind Arctic circle. '''Northernmost railway in the world''' is '''Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line, from Obskaya to Yamal peninsula, to Bovanenkovo and Karskaya, behind 70 degrees north''' It is connected to main railway ''Konosa - Kotlas - Vorkuta - Salechard'' in ''Obskaya''. The end of railway (70.3211,68.3715) is south from town '''Bovanenkovo''', northernmost point is between third last and second last stop (70.3265,68.8329). Last three stops are: Small village (70.2942,68.938), some stop by small road (70.320,68.754), and Karskaya station (70.3168, 68.3909)- south from Bovanenkovo town and close to airport. This railway was built first Obskaya–Bovanenkovo area (to mine) 525 km long, it was extended to Karskaya after, railway is 572 km long. There is plan for extend it to Kharasavey, it will be 678 km long railway. Railway contains 3.8929 km long Yuribey Bridge - longest bridge behind Arctic circle (68.919,69.840 by Wiki). Most north point of railway is by Wiki (70.3750 68.6700) - quite different from OSM. '''Yamal peninsula''' is even much colder in Winter, than Lappland. Many stations are just small villages without any house and trains don't go so often here, it can be less often than from-to Kolari or Kemjarvi. Winter temperature is here usually from -20 to -35 and -40 is still quite common. Sometimes can be here -45 or even -50. There is another railway, that goes behind Arctic circle - '''north from Novyj Urengoj'''. Main railway is in west siberia, '''Tjumen - Surgut - Novyj Urengoj - Nadym'''. This main railway has most north point in '''Novyj Urengoj city''' (66.097,76.752). Station Novyj Urengoj (66.090,76.691) is with quite big depo, there is crossroad to north,west-south. However it is not behind Arctic circle, Arctic circle is 66.55. From Novyj Urengoj goes railway north, towards fjord of Arctic Ocean. Most north point of railway is close to end (67.9124,74.9148), end is (67.9051,74.8245), most north point of branch in depo at the end is (67.9136,74.8986) resp. (67.9136,74.8643). The last station is in town by Arctic coast, it is located (67.9103,74.901). Second last station is just behind this town (67.9015,75.058), third last station is small place (67.797,75.326). 4th last station is small village quite far, but with bigger platform (66.898,75.982), 5th last station is just some depo-platform by Novyj Urengoj (66.154,76.700). It is only 5 stations from Novyj Urengoj to end. Stations are small. Here is already west-central Siberia and here is temperature in winter usually -20 to -40, but sometimes during cold vawe bellow -50 can be in this region. It is much colder than Scandinavia. Second most north railway in Russia is '''Norilsk railway''' in central Siberia, south Taymyr region It begins in Dudinka town by huge Yensey river. Begin of Railway is (69.4155,86.158) - Morskyy port - harbour by river. First station is Dudinka (69.408,86.249) and it continuse from Dudinka Station to Norilsk Station 88 km. Norilsk station is located (69.3569,88.1364). From Norilsk station railway continues to north, to Talnakh station (69.4832, 88.3989, 27 km from Norilsk) and last 11 km to Taymyr mine. But there is no more stop after Talnahk, just most north point of main rail (69.510,88.363) and most north point of railway to mine (69.5424,88.3070) resp. (69.5382,88.4677). Railway is just isolated around Norilsk area (it is not connected to other railways), it have more branches and total length is 253 km by Wiki. '''Norilsk area and Taymir is located in north-central Siberia.''' It means that there is quite short Summer, with only around 5-20 degrees. It is huge lowland with big rivers (Yenisey and Ob more west) with lakes and swamps everywhere around. There are plenty of mosquitoes everywhere in Summer, much worse than in Lapland. It is here central Siberia and winter here is totally different than in Scandinavia. It is not so much windy, but ussual winter temperature is here from -20 to -45 and sometimes, during cold vawe can be bellow -50. '''Taymyr''' is northernmost region, with most north point in Asia and Eurasia - '''Nordkapp of Russia and Eurasia''' is much more north than northernmost point of Alaska or Scandinavia. It is edge of Taymyr (77.7233,104.2540). Only small villages and small roads are in Taymyr peninsula, probably not in northernmost parts. It is not toursit place, like nordkapp in Norway.
'''Most north rail road in North Finland – Lapland America''' is mostly lowland in Alaska - The Alaska Railroad Between '''Anchorange''' (like almost whole Finlandsouth coast) with plenty to '''Fairbanks''' (middle of lakesAlaska). Finland However this rail road never goes behind Arctic circle. Most north point of railway is most east Scandinavian country too(64.9261, -148.0758) and mountains blocked warm air from Atlantic, but cold an in Russia most north station is not so farFairbanks at the end (64. That's why in north8511,-Finland (Lapland147.7403) . But it is sometimes extreme cold. If Siberian high spreadnot heated by Gulf stream, then is in Finland clear and super coldlike Scandinavia. There can e like winter extreme Temperature around Fairbanks is usually -35 or -40 degrees in night and -30 or 15 to -35 during day around Arctic circle. It can be , but sometimes bellow -40 rarely.Day length Railway to Fairbaks is northernmost railway in America. Northernmost railway in winter just 1Canada is to Churchill, by big lake and Hay river freight station (60.8434,-3 hours close to Arctic Circle115.7607), railway ends (60.8577, but there is never-ended light in June115. Summer 7343) But it is with plenty of mosquitoes. Many stations in Finland have not waiting roomrail for people, only big stations have waiting room for freight trains (and waiting room It means that HOBO is possible). Churchill Railway station is closed at night(58.7678,-94.1743), railway ends (58.7815,-94.1970).
Then Death during exam '''The Railway with coldest Winter''' is not so north, it is quite far south from Arctic Circle (66.55). Railway with Coldest winters is possible in caseEast Siberia, around Baikal, Mongolia, that you fail and waiting room towards Vladivostok. It is not part of '''Trans-Siberian Railway Moscow-Vladivostok'''. Trans-baikal railway until '''Yurty station''' (56.041,97.636) and East Siberian Railway after. Railway goes '''Krasnojarsk-Bratsk-Uts-Kurt-Nizneangarsk (by North of Baikal lake)-Tynda-Urgal''' (BAM from Yurty station). There is some short branch before Krasnojarsk to '''Lesosibirsk''' (8.2290,92.4709) and before Ust-Kurt shor branch to '''Ust-Limsk''' (58.369,97.090). This Area around Yurty is very cold. Winter tempereature here is usually -30 to -45 and sometimes bellow -50, especially in your stop Yurty. Yurty is small town with about 6000 inhabitants. Most north point of main Trans-Siberian Railway is more east (57.0885,118.938), before station Tynda (or waiting room is closed at night55.1393,124.7391). You can tell that you have no place From '''Tynda''' to Urgal railway goes already more close to sleep Pacific ocean and if you winter are politenot so cold. Tynda is more east and north, conductor can let you travelit but not so high. There is usually during winter from -25 to -45, or he can give you finesometomes bellow -50. The coldest region in Siberia is around Verchojansk-Ojmjakon, which you donfrom Tynda north-east few hundersts of kilometers. There is January temperature usually around -35 to -55. From Tynda goes railway north quite far to '''Tommot'''t need to pay (Sweden SEK 120058.9675, Finland Eur 80126.2267) and '''Nizhny Bestyakh'''. Railway station (61.8675, Norway NOK 1150129.9574)is south from town Nizhny Bestyakh (61. Or conductor can call police96, if you refuse to leave train129.92). Most north point of line in depo is (61.8825, 129.981). This station Nizhny Bestyakh is most north railway in East Siberia probably and police will let you it should be at their coldest railway station in the world. Temperature here is in winter from -30 to -50, sometimes even bellow -55. Yurty is one of coldest place too. However coldest average during nightwinter is in Ojmjakon north-east from Nizhny Bestyakh. (There is in winter usually from -35 to -55, sometimes -60). But there is no railway station in Ojmjakon (63.462,142.786) or anywhere around. There is more south railway ''Yurty-Irkustk (South of Baikal lake)-Ulan-Ude (Line to Ulanbaatar in MOngolia and Being in China)-Cita (line to Being, China)-Never-Tynda''. This railway is more south, but more in mountains. Coldest railway in the world should be line to '''Nizhny Bestyakh''' and around '''Yurty''' too. It is far south from Arctic Cirle (66.55), but East Siberia is very cold.
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