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=== Single Women ===
[[Image:20180310 123251.jpg
|thumb|240px|left|my girl Ave ride beggin' in San Isidro Mazatepec, Jalisco- a pueblo harboring my favorite taco stand with the most toppings you'll ever want
One of the great things of hitchhiking in Mexico is that even if you travel alone, you rarely have to hitch-hike alone, because hitchhiking is such a common activity among locals - joining locals hitching will not only add to the fun, but also your safety. This is especially handy as in certain areas - like in the North, around [[Chihuahua (City)|Chihuahua]] - men might take you for a prostitute (even if you have a large bag and totally look like a foreigner).
[[User:Zenit|Zenit]] seriously disagrees with the statement that "you rarely have to hitch-hike alone" in Mexico. In three months, between Baja California and Cancún, he only saw other hitchhikers two or three times.
== Food ==

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