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Best stops betwen Warsaw - Olsztyn :(dont agree for Płońsk) Glinojeck (on roundbound), Mława, Nidzica (on trafic lights cross),
=== Northeast towards [[Białystok]], [[Kaunas]] ([[Lithuania]]) {{National Road Number Poland|8S8}} {{E|67}} ===
[[File:Warsaw-lt.jpg|thumb|alt=Warsaw out ''[[W]]''.]]
Go to the metro station Dworzec Wileński and from there take bus 738 towards Os. Victoria. Bus will take you fout of the city, once bus turns out of highroad get off at the stop [https'''Update 26th July 2018:// Ceglana] Highway S8 in and walk back a couple of hundred meters and turn left Stara street. You will get on E67 highroad (see picture). Also there around Warsaw is a small but rather busy petrol station. [[User:ronaldsnb|Ron]] has used this place instead of thumbing a few times now complete and never waited more than 30 minutes. open for traffic'''
The ride takes about one hourGo to the metro station Dworzec Wileński and from there take bus 738. Get off at the bus stop Wolności or bus stop [ Wiejska]. Walk north from bus stop Wolności (or south from bus stop Wiejska) towards the junction of Piłsudskiego and the S8. At the start of the on-ramp for the S8 is a bus stop where cars can pull into.
Place next [[User:Drumroots|Drumroots]] got a lift here in 30 minutes to highroad to Białystok is very good for camping there are some lakes and supermarketOstrow Mazowiecka.
As [[User:nikolaki|Nikolai]] These instructions are not valid anymore or maybe I misunderstood them. Highway 8 is under construction and closed (July 2018). The new highway [,+05the on-270+Nadma,+Poland/52.3589034,21.1842107/@52.3657782,21.1532193,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x471ec598c4ad652d:0x2567eec665161f1d!2m2!1d21.14151!2d52.36701!1m0!3e2 S8 is 3,5 km away]. Some friendly locals took me to the S8 to a gas station and I got a hitch in 20 minutes. I'm sorry but I don't have an alternative for that hitch. I recommend to get off the bus station Wolności or [ Wiejska] (also with the bus 738) and maybe to hitch there. I checked Street view and ramp [ in front of the Ikea] also looks promising. But I'm not sureand can be reached from the same bus stops as mentioned above.
=== Southeast towards [[Lublin]], [[Lviv]] ([[Ukraine]]) {{National Road Number Poland|17}} {{E|372}} ===

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