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==== South towards [[Stavanger]] {{E|39}} ====
Hitching south of Bergen implies hopping from island to fjord to island and involves a minimum of two ferries (to Stavanger) that charge for additional passengers. As of august 2016September 2018, the first passage is 64 72 NOK for each extra passenger. The second passage is 43. It is the same price if you arrive on foot, so you don't need to be in a car to cross over.
There are a lot of trucks leaving Berging Bergen in this direction. This is very slow, but you have no expensses for the ferries and you do not have to worry so much about the route.
You may start from the big roundabout in the city centre just south of the train station (''more info needed'').
TherThereThere's an ok spot just in the middle of the Fjøsangerveien. There are two traffic lights and two bus stops so people can stop quite easily. Another option is to take tram line 1 and get off at the stop Skjoldskiftet. Just past the roundabout is a bus-stop lay-by (in front of the Kiwi supermarket) from where it should be easier to hitch at least to the ferry (and then ask people in the ferry lounge for a lift going further).
== Hitching In ==

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