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Sept. 2017 update.
There is no bus #118 but another option is bus #102. It leaves at baratashvili street in front of the city wall. It takes about 40 min. until the bus turns right, leaving the main street. The stop is called Gulbani Street (north). Just opposite of it you can start hitchhiking as there is a good spot for cars to stop and you are almost in the next city.
March 2019 update
Minibus (marshrutka) 118 does exist! (0.80 Lari). There’s construction works happening on the highway but the hitchhiking spot at the roundabout where the road splits (as mentioned before) is still a good place to hitchhike to Armenia. Drumroots waited 5 minutes before getting a direct lift to Yerevan.
=== Southwest towards Manglisi, Tsalka ===

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