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== Hitching out ==
=== North towards [[Liuzhou]] and [[Guilin]] ===
From the Guangxi Daxue (University) Busstop take the Bus Number 76 all the way to the last stop Langdong Bus Station 琅东汽车站 or take a metro to Langdong Bus Station. Walk to the right side after you leave the building and cross the junction, then you should already see the toll station. From there it is super easy to find someone going that direction. User [[Ruebezahl]] got even approached and asked if he want to come with the driver to Liuzhou, before he could ask anyone.
The toll station is no longer there but this place is still the place to hitchhike from as it is forbidden and impractical to hitchhike further down the highway. Use a (big) sign to attract the attention of the drivers on the 4-lane highway.

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