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Take the metro red line to Marsiling station and walk 15 minutes to Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint. After passport and customs control, you will come out at the bus station for buses to the Malaysian immigration checkpoint across the causeway separating Singapore from Malaysia. From any point in the cityhere, you can either take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport = Metro) bus or try to walk there. Walking will take about 25 minutes:Red Line walk to the end of the bus platform and follow the "Marsiling stationwalking man" sign, down to the bottom of the spiral stairway, and through a small tunnel to the bridge across the causeway. There is a narrow pavement where it is possible to walk safely on the bridge until the road climbs and splits into various lanes. At this point, carefully cross over to the lane for cars and then later the one for buses (Attention: if it can feel somewhat scary to walk this part without the pavement but usually the traffic is backed up from the border checkpoint is called Woodlandsand going slow) and you will arrive at the point where the buses off-load their passengers for Malaysian immigration and customs control. Just follow the people up the escalators to the immigration hall. Once past immigration, don't get out you will arrive at Woodlands the bus station but at Marsiling which is closer. Just follow the road out a short while… this road eventually leads onto the highway to KL. You can start hitching here (1.46640°N 103.76821°E). The cost : around $3 SGDalthough there isn’t much room for cars to pull over, don't forget or you can walk down the road 500m to where the trucks coming out from immigration and customs control and heading in the direction of KL join this main road to take the $highway (1°28'05.6"N 103°46'07.1 refund when exiting the station"E).
You can try It could be possible to hitch from the station on centre of the road to the north (direction Johor / checkpoint), with bridge where there is a sign would help. Or you can walk small lay-by but often this is full of scooters and it’s not possible for cars to customs, around 15 minutes, head towards the "checkpoint"pull over. Once past customs and you have your passport stamped Also, you come out in a bus station, you will need a ticket to board one, but you can also follow the "walking man" sign. It leads towards the bridge fact that this is a border area makes the border. You may be stopped by several police officers stating that you can't walk to Malaysia. Say that you know what you are doing, that someone will pick you drivers nervous about picking up there. Don't mention you are hitchhiking, they will just keep you longer telling you it's forbidden, hitchhikers and there's nowhere to pull over. Just stick to the pickis also a ‘no-up story. Walk along the narrow side of the road, one minute, to the center of pedestrian’ sign on the bridge where there will be a large enough space for cars . Better to stop. Hitch from there. There's a lot of traffic and you won't wait long.  Once through Malaysian get past immigration you can just walk east out of the downstairs Bus Station and find the road that leads to the freeway towards KL. I have hitched here three times in recent years and each time i got a lift quite fast. Check the map for exact location.  I had absolutely no success trying the bridge spot, there was a lot of scooters parked there and because of that, little place for cars to stop. IMO the best place would be the rightmost channel at the border checkpoint start hitching on the Malaysian side. You can either walk there all the way from the SG side of the border, or take a bus and find the stairs heading down to the checkpoint. There's plenty of space there to stop and cars are moving slow, eventually you will get someone to pick you up.
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