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Speed Hitchhiking refers back to a method of hitchhiking in couples which allows very fast travelling. It works very good with mixed couples and is mostly used while waiting next to the road (see as complement petrol station hitchhiking). The two stand with about 50m distance from each other. The first person holds a sign with the more distant destination, the second person (the female traveller) a sign with a more close destination. If a car stops for the second person, what will happen in 90% of the cases, the person asks if the other person could join, as they have the same direction.

A possible explanation is this: Many people see the first person too late, they can not read the sign, go not as far or just do not want to pick up a male traveller. The idea that they could pick up somebody, when the just mentioned circumstances are different, stays back in the drivers mind. At the same time the drivers attention is on the right side of the road and here we go.

Often it is clear to the driver that you're hitchhiking together, especially if you put your bags in one spot.

The simple psychological theories behind this are called priming and 'foot in the door', for everybody who would like to go deeper into this.


  • many people, also strange ones, stop for the female traveller