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Flag of Hungary
State: Csongrád county
Population: 169,678
Major roads: E 75, E 68
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Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the capital of Csongrád county. It is just 15 km from the Serbian border.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Budapest (M5) E 75

You should take the bus number 79 [1] from Mars tér ([2]) and go five stations to the CORA supermarket [3]. It is right next to the road number 5, witch after 6 km joins the M5 motorway.

South towards Serbia (5) (M5) E 75

Take the tram number 4 [4] all the way to the last stop ([5]), that is national road 5) towards the Serbian border. Walk further down the road for a few hundred metres. Just after you cross the railroad tracks, thumb. Cars will be going slowly and there is plenty of space for drivers to pull over. Calime agrees that this is very good place! Drivers can take you at least to petrol station on the border and you can cross the border on foot and start hitchhiking just after Hungarian passport control. It is faster because there is usually long fleet of cars, sometimes even for 3-4 hours so you just jump the queue.

East towards Romania (43) E 68

Take the bus number 60 or 60Y from Mars tér ([6]) and get off at the stop Szőreg, ABC ([7]). You are now at the road number 43 (E68) towards the Nădlac-Nagylak border crossing and the Romanian city of Arad. Most people here drive only to Mako (next town, in Hungary), but from there you can find another hitch to the border town or event to Romania. At the border it's easy to get a ride with a truck driver. Most traffic to Romania goes via A1 highway, so maybe it's better to use that one.

West towards Baja, Pécs (55)

Take the tram number 3 or 3F until Fonógyári út station, stay on the road 55 (also called Bajai út), walk, and cross the railway (arround 200 m) and afther you'll find places where cars can stop.

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