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Interesting to see my hitchikingspots here even before I registered ... well one it is online it s public .. so why not Fabzgy 08:13, 4 September 2007 (CEST)

Just wanted to throw in a tip. Two days ago I went into the port and asked the portuary policeman in the entrance if I could enter the docks and ask around for sailing works. Much to my surprise he was actually very nice and told me that except for the barred areas I could do so,but since there is a long holiday the docks are empty now ands that I should try again once its over.

Will update this post with the results

El-Gostro 08:13, 9 December 2013 (CEST)

Malaga to Sevilla - success!

Hey all, I wanted to post an update here since a few people I've spoken to have seemed to have a tough time hitching from Malaga.

I followed the wiki and took bus number 2 until the end, then walked along the highway to reach the service station. I didn't take the side road, but actually walked on the highway itself, it's only 1km and the shoulder is wide so there is plenty of room. (I'm sure that if I had come across any police during this short walk I would have been able to explain where I was walking and they would have been fine.)

Someone actually stopped and offered me a ride when I was walking! There was plenty of room for a car to pull over safely so you may have luck here! Unfortunately, the driver was not going the same way as me so I turned down the ride, said thank you, and headed on my way.

I got to the service station and waited there for awhile. I noticed that not a lot of cars pulled in, as most people travelling had probably already filled up their car inside Malaga before heading to the highway. Also, of the people who did pull in, most were older drivers or businessmen - as commonly outlined in the Spain wiki on this site. Most barely noticed me, couldn't care less that I was there and weren't interested in talking. A few offered me a symapthetic look and wished me luck though.

I felt like this was a 'bad spot' to catch a ride, so I took my cardboard sign that said Sevilla and walked back to the highway in the direction towards Malaga.

I stood on the side of the highway a little way before the entrance to the side road towards the service station. Here I was in very good sight, and there was enough room for drivers to pull over. I stood in a spot where the driver had enough time to decide if they were going to stop, and could pull over safely, either in the lane to the side road, on the shoulder where I stood, or on the barrier dividing the road.

I got picked up within half an hour standing here, and the driver took me all the way to Sevilla.

I hope this helps someone! Good luck and happy hitching!