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Peage South east

I took the metro to Ramonville, crossed the roundabout and walked the D813 in direction Narbonne. I had my placard by walking but nobody stopped (but I didn't lose some time). After the bridge crossing the canal du midi I stepped down a little path downwards a hill. I followed the avenue de l'Europe. There I met a driver going to Albi but continued my little walk because I wasn't sure to be dropped of on a secure place to hitchhike. So I followed the avenue de l'Europe just till the end ( a fence). I followed the fence to the right to a small path. On my right there was a little river and behind it the autoroute. After 10min walk there is a little bridge crossing the water. I crossed it because it's the only possibility (Afterwards the path is going to the right). Cross the fence (very easy) and then you have to pass a little thorny tree hedge. It's a bit into the wild but you get a good feeling and get straight towards the autoroute. From there it's just 300m to the peage. Hold your placard while walking to the peage. I got a lift by walking so didn't wait any time. Very easy and just around 30min from Ramonville metro! (28.10.2013)