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<map lat="24.999696568059754" lng="-98.75000000000401" zoom="6" view="0" float="right" height='350' width='220'/>
Country: Flag of Mexico Mexico
Population: 2,750,000
Seat: Ciudad Victoria
Licence Plate: Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas is a Mexican federal state located at the Gulf of Mexico in the northeast of the country. It borders the US American state of Texas to the north, the Mexican states of Veracruz and San Luis Potosí to the south, and Nuevo León to the east. The biggest cities of Tamaulipas are the border cities of Reynosa, Matamoros, and Nuevo Laredo, as well as the port city of Tampico in the south, and the capital Ciudad Victoria.

Tamaulipas is heavily affected by the Mexican drug war, resulting in the nickname Mataulipas (as matar means to kill in Spanish). Kidnapping and murder of illegal immigrants are among the most common crimes. Hitchhiking thus comes with an additional risk here, although violence is not specifically directed towards travellers. Crossing the border to and from the United States is possible at several points, including the above-mentioned border cities.