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Tekirdağ (number plate code: 59 ) is a city in northwestern Turkey, in European part. It lies on the coast of the Sea of Marmara and is about 140 km west of Istanbul and 130 km southeast of Edirne.

Hitching in

If arriving from north (Muratlı) and plan to head west (Keşan, and Greece beyond) with no intention to make it to the city centre, get off the vehicle on the junction of the ring road (Turkish: Çevre Yolu, road number: D110) surrounding the city, located in the northern outskirts of the city. Getting a lift on the ring road is not as easy as in most of rest of the country, but still possible nevertheless. If the driver that took you on the ring road doesn't continue onto west, you have to get off at a second junction (where ring road re-joins the east-west motorway coming in from the city centre. On the junction there is a sign showing the direction to Keşan), and hitch again.

Hitchhiking out

The motorway D110/E84 passes through the city. There are lots of cars and trucks with European (mostly GR, MK, BG, but also some D, NL, F etc, especially during summer) and Asian (mostly IR) number plates on this motorway, day or night, although recently opened ring road which arches around the city absorbs some of the long-distance traffic. All of the following spot suggestions are located after where the ring road rejoins D110/E84, so that won’t be a disadvantage for you.

East towards Istanbul

The edge of the city is too far (9 km) to walk from the city centre on this direction, unless you want to devote a considerable time (at least an hour and a half) and power on this, so it’s best to take one of those slightly-greenish-yellow minibuses (#1) from city centre. It costs 1.25 YTL/person, one-way (about 60-65 euro-cent). Get off near the mall named ‘Maxi Center’, near which there is a crossroad with traffic lights. Walk along the motorway for a further few metres where shoulder widens. Vidimian was offered a ride there no more than ten minutes multiple times.

West towards Kesan, and Greece

Walk along the avenue towards west. In about 45 minutes from the city centre, you’ll came to a motorway on-ramp. That’s where ring road rejoins D110/E84. Get to the other side of the ramp and start thumbing. If you prefer public transport, take navy blue minibus #1 from the stop in front of Governor’s Office (Valilik; cost: 1.25 YTL/person, one-way; about 60-65 euro-cent).

Despite the high volume of traffic, it takes quite long (more than an hour) to attract a ride from here. However, it is certain that the lift offer will likely be for at least Keşan, which is only 20-25 km away from the Greek border.

North towards Muratli, and Edirne

Walk uphill along Muratlı Caddesi Street from the city centre, or if you prefer public transport, take navy blue minibus #10 from the stop in front of Governor’s Office (Valilik; cost: 1.25 YTL/person, one-way; about 60-65 euro-cent). In about 40-45 minutes on foot, or 10-15 minutes by minibus, the city will start to disappear and you’ll come across a crossroad with traffic lights. That’s where the ring road around the city and the road north from city centre intersects. Cross the street and keep walking for about 5-10 minutes to reach a spot where shoulder is wider. Vidimian was offered a ride there in just 3 minutes more than once.


City’s otogar doesn’t have any enclosed space suitable to sleep (think of a large square in the middle with buses, and offices with individual gates surrounding it), and there is not a train station either (at least as of yet, but there is one under construction). If you prefer sleeping rough, you may try the (benches or lawns of) parkland on the coast, which is safe and quiet enough, though it won’t certainly be very warm in the last hours before dawn, even in summer.