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<map lat="42.39699837104811" lng="19.75643375868309" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />Theth is a small village up in the mountains in Shalë municipality, northern Albania. Nearest bigger city is Shkodër.

Village is surrounded by amazing mountains views and trekking paths in Theth national park. The most famous one is the hike from Theth to Valbone. Theth doesn't have supermarkets or ATMs and the only way to buy food is to eat in the restaurants/guesthouses, so it's a good idea to bring food (and means of cooking it, if needed).

Hitching in

No matter what direction you come from, hitch in from the SH1 way. From Shkoder, there is another direct route to Theth, but it's scarcely travelled, so don't hitch from there. When reaching Koplik, turn towards Theth from the roundabout, and hitch from there. First you'll need to get to Bogë, the last village before Theth. From Bogë anybody going towards Theth will basically take you all the way. If not, getting stuck up in the mountains might be dangerous without proper gear, but you can always walk your way down.

It's quite remote and the road to Theth is only partially asphalted. However, as of 2014, the asphalting of the final part to Theth is under way. It's recommended to access only with SUV vehicle but you would also see more shabby minibuses doing the route. Hitching experiences can greatly vary: sometimes, you can get an easy ride from tourists going up, but as tourism is picking up here, you might also find that tourist jeeps are packed, and local operators will charge you up to 15 euros for the ride. In general, it might take a while as there are not many cars passing. It can take up to 3-4 hours driving from Koplik to Theth.

Hitching down from the mountains at the back of truck.

Remember that village gets isolated over the winter, so be cautious during spring/autumn seasons.

In general, the infrastructure towards Theth is greatly advancing, but so is tourism. Consequently, the area is prone to significant change in the coming years.


There are some yards where you can camp freely and even use the bathrooms outside. You can also cross the river and camp near the forest, where you'll be more isolated and able to light a fire if it's cold (or if you want to cook).