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<map lat='63.43270287961341' lng='10.436325073242188' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Trondheim is a city in Norway. It is the 3rd largest city in Norway.

Hitchhiking out

Heading North

To go north, a convenient place is Innherredsveien, around where it crosses Mellomveien. You can get there by crossing one of the bridges bridge east of the train station, Bakke Bru (bridge) or Nidelv Bru. Inherredsveien becomes the E6. A good place is also the bus stop Dalens Hageby. There are much less busses coming, a better place for cars to stop and there is less inner city traffic as it is closer to the E6.

Go to "Hell"! That's probably the most convenient place to hitchhike from out of Trondheim. Hell's a small town which you can reach with the local train (it costs about 78 kronars). Arriving in Hell you should take the mandatory Selfie with the station sign adding that you ended up in Hell and then leave the station westward (the direction you came from). There's a small tunnel leading to the other side of the rails. You continue along the small path towards west and reach some sort of parking lot after a while. There's a trampled down fence at the last lot where you can climb over to the E6 - it's a small rest area that is perfect for hitching. Otherwise you could just walk around the bushes and trees - the other side of the motorway parking space is open. Cars are about 90 km/h fast - so that's a downside. Also the airport just a few miles further might be a problem. I waited one hour what I thought was pretty long for such an ideal place. I don't think that the bridges close to the train station are a good option at all - way to central.

Heading South

To go South, you can intercept the E6 at Heimdal, near the train station, by taking a train or city bus south.

Klet is maybe a better option. Right by the motorway, 5min waiting time in the winter. Bus 71 (not sure) runs couple of times a day from the center of Trondheim and by the stadium. Correction: Klett is great, they are making there now (spring 2018) new roads, it´s two roundabouts with large shoulder for drivers to pull over right after the southern roundabout. Waiting in the dark after 10pm just a short while and got car driving to Oslo and further. Just that there are so very few buses nr.71. (something like two per day). You can get to Heimdal station with nr. 9 from the center and than get ready for long walk.

Alternatively, you can follow the signs out of the city for the north, walking through industrial areas and then follow the signs past a roundabout for the south towards Oslo. There's a nice lay-by. Ask to be dropped off at Bratsbergveg or anywhere along the E6 out of the city. Don't try to walk further along this route as you just get to a tunnel which continues for more than a mile..really dangerous to breathe in all those fumes. Eick! Jass waited here for five minutes in August 2010 (after walking all the way to the tunnel and cursing..walking back and losing over an hour..). Also, close to this spot is the 'largest autonomous syndacalist anarcho community in Europe'..self proclaimed, I suppose, but still quite large. You should be able to find a place to sleep if you follow the road winding up north past the coffee factory. You'll see the graffiti on the right hand side. They're incredibly unorganized and not so helpful, but someone should have some space, somewhere..

Heading East, towards Sweden

Take the bus to Stjördal, it is the bus line 12 or 301. Get off at Stjördal torg (Stjördal square) and walk to the Statiol petrol station that is on E14, the road going to Sweden. There is a lot of traffic between Trondheim and Sweden since there are a lot of people having houses in Sweden and that go there for cheaper shopping. When you're getting closer to Sweden your best bet is the people heading to the "cheap" Swedish supermarkets. There is a free bus going to Storliden but you have to book it in advance. You can book it online or by calling. An easy way to do book is to stop in the tourist information office and ask them to book it for you, which they'll gladly do! The bus stops right in Trondheim city center and runs a full 105km to Storlien. Also stops at Stjørdal at the Statoil petrol station mentioned for going North. Once at the shopping center, going further East is easy by hitching on the road the shopping center is on, Nomaditrev waited 5 minutes for a ride to Åre in December. The bus driver counts people coming and going to not leave people behind, so be kind and let the driver know when disembarking that you won't be getting back on the bus.

Sleeping outside

General remarks

There is a law, allowing you to put up a tent anywhere on public land for two consecutive nights, provided you are at least 150m from the nearest building and the land is not cultivated (ie. someone's garden etc..)


You need to get out of the center a little bit, but here are some of the "tested" places within 1h walking distance from the city center - Lade - 63.447251, 10.426642 - beautiful spot, easily accessible from Ladehammerveien - Lade - 63.445006, 10.457760 - path to the forest, not so nice and some garbage laying around, but manageable (essentially once you get to Bymarka, it is relatively easy to find a camp spot, these are just the ones I personelly tried) - Teisendammen (Bymarka) - 63.422486, 10.345899 - steep hill, many places around the dam - Baklidammen (Bymarka) - 63.417107, 10.323567 - very steep hill from the city, but the place is beautiful

Shelters (Gapahuk)

Very basic shelters, usually shielded from three sides with a fireplace - will do in case you don't have a tent - Lade - 63.447059, 10.434484 - go around the church and up the small hill, you will see it by the time you reach the first trees - Baklidammen (Bymarka) - 63.417107, 10.323567 - very steep hill from the city, but the place is beautiful

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)