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About Me

Garthelgard, wikitalk Lille Tokyo :direct ride, May 2008
Garthelgard, wikitalk The Tokyo Project and Momo, May 2008
Garthelgard, wikitalk Pascal,Ludovic and me May 2008

Garthelgard was born in Toulon, France but lived in the United States, Australia and Russia.

Hitchhiking philosophy


Garthelgard believes in eye contact and either sticking out your thumb, holding a sign with your destination or a joke sign

Gas stations

Gas stations is Garthelgard's favorite hitchhiking spot because he gets to talk to a lot of different people. He believes in an active attitude consisting in striking up a conversation with drivers. In Europe, Garthelgard beleives in the use of a funny ice-breaker: he flashes his Tokyo sign at drivers and asks them "Excuse me, are you going to Tokyo today". The ice breaker is essential in order to break the whole "I don't-know-you-why-should-I-take-you-for-all-i-know-you-could-be-a-criminal" pattern. For Garthelgard, the second step consists in explaining his project ( who he is, where he is from, where he left, who took him before, why is he going to his destination, what he does for a living, why does he hitchhike) in order to reassure people and break the common stereotype of the hitchhiker

Why hitchhiking?

"It is when you are in a survival mode that you can see the best or the worst in people". Pascal Dumont.

Hitchhiking is more of a lifestyle that an actual means of transportation for me. I got hooked on hitchhiking pretty quickly because it is a way for me to:

  • understand the effects of society on people
  • understand the impact of the media on people
  • understand the true nature of human beings
  • see the best coming out of people
  • share with others (I get a ride and I sometimes buy coffee) and contribute to a communautarian ideal
  • to maintain a positive thinking
  • to get a rush of adrenaline and real adventure

I consider my drivers as family members and actual teachers and learn something from every ride. I see hitchhiking as an actual school of living.

Hitchhiking experience

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden.

Asia: Mongolia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey.



Current Location

Berlin, Germany