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I have been hitchhiking Canada since the summer of 1997. Since then I have hitched over 100,000 kilometers of freeways, highways and byways in every province. I have also spent a total of 3 years living on the road touring the country, 15 months in from June 2001 to October 2002, and again from December 2005 till August 2007.

I am a featured writer on and feel that it is a very valuable resource for hitchhiking culture in North America. I enjoy contributing to the site very much. You can find my profile and road stories there.

I have a deep love and passion for the road. It has given and taken so much from me; it is an intracal part of my being. Hitchhiking to me is pure magic. That one can level their thumb to the horizon and be taken in by a total stranger, a fellow traveler and human being. To have your own personal guide telling you all about the place you are traveling through, the place that is there home. If they say nothing specific then they still show you the attitude and spirit of their piece of this earth, thorough their own mood and ideals. And in that you will see the landscape of humanity.

My hitchhiking philosophy has always been to find a good spot, stick with it and smile. No one owes you anything, if they drive by, if they look away that is okay, someone will pick you up eventually. Hitchhiking is the journey, not the destination. There is no best way to hitchhike, there are good ways, better and worse ways, and of those it is a matter of preference. Wear comfortable shoe and bring some water with you. Take advantage of any bit of shade you have, including the thin shadow created by street lights and hydro polls. Take lots of pictures, write many stories, laugh as much as possible and remember to remember it for the rest of your life