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who: laonikos psimikakis-chalkokondylis (yes, a descendant of [his)
since when: 30/09/1989
what: student
of what: music composition nature and wilderness guide
where: Kuru, Finland
where from: Athens, Greece
blogs: sex and drugs and zouk, oh, and food!, whole ten yards
e-mail: I hate spam

I like contributing.

I also like chocolate.

I am not a terribly active member here on Wikipedia, although I do feel like a bit more of a man every time I correct a typo or am able to contribute to an article in one way or another. Machoness is the reason behind my contributions to Wikipedia. YEAH.

I am mainly an active member of IMSLP, although I haven't had the chance to contribute significantly lately, due to concentrating on my studies.

I am Laonikos, and I am a 19-year 20-year old student from Athens, Greece; I am currently studying in London, and more currently I am in Helsinki, as part of my ERASMUS studies

I don't really know why I like chocolate.

But why I like contributing?

Because I like to help. I like to know that someone will sometime find something I've done helpful. And because I believe in the open source world, I believe in freedom of information, I believe in the good will of people, I believe in the power of the people, and I believe in helping each other, as opposed to killing each other.

I believe that it is up to all of us together, and each one of us individually, to fix this world and make it a better place for the future generations, from whom we've borrowed so much of the Earth's integrity. We influence by our choices, and one of my choices is to not become a money-driven person who does not care about anything other than himself. It is very easy to become such a person, but we all have to make a choice between what's easy and what's right.

"We must become the change we want to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi