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Who am I?

File:Malaclemys ~July 2012.jpg
Playing my tambura.

My name is Danail Stoilov, but my friends refer to me as Danny. I live in Varna, Bulgaria as of 11th July, 2012. I've been a hitchiker for two years and lately I've been travelling every weekend. My main source of income for food and tobacco is playing music and singing everywhere I go. Most of the songs I play are either my own compositions or traditional bulgarian folk that I've learned from elderly people in the different villages, but there are some pop, jazz or rock & roll pieces that help me grab attention. I am, by that sense, a troubadour. Economical misfortune throughout all my life has pushed me on my way to hedonism and taught me how to get by with almost no money at all.

You can contact me at any time via e-mail to ask for traveling advice in Bulgaria or just good company.


These are the trips I've been on since I registered my username on this wiki.


On the 6th of July I hitched a direct ride from Varna to Sofia with a friend. The people who stopped knew my companion, so the ride was overall pleasant, quick and safe. I spent two days in the capital and then left to Plovdiv with another friend and his car. Stayed for a night there, playing and learning new songs and socializing and decided to hitch a ride to Varna. The couple that picked me up were some lovely elderly Italians on vacation. They dropped me off at Stara Zagora, where I spent about half an hour to have some coffee, a smoke, refill water and wash my face and hair at a petrol station. The people there are very nice and polite. I was picked up by a young German couple with a pre-school child. They really liked my music and me and their kid got along very well. I got out in Veliko Tarnovo and went to the park for some water, instrument maintenance and quiet time to study and mend my clothes. A close friend of mine invited me to stay with her for the night and since it was early, we walked around the whole town. I made some plans to try and play for money in Tsarevets (A fort in Tarnovo) the next weekend and we went back to the apartment for some good night's rest. The next morning I raised my thumb for Varna, but some boys dropped me at about 50km away from Veliko Tarnovo, so I could be closer to the freeway. Two hours were spent in the summer heat and I lost my spirit, since nobody seemed to even consider stopping. Just as I started walking further a young woman stopped and asked if I'd like a ride to a place not far from Targovishte. She was very sweet. We listened to some metal and sang folk songs. I hitched my next ride almost immediately and the dude (another metalhead) left me on the outskirts of Shumen, where an old Greek man, with whom we had some great conversations, picked me up and drove me back to Varna.

I will probably be going to Veliko Tarnovo every weekend in the next few months.