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Country Distance Notes
Flag of Australia.svg Australia 15,265 
Flag of the United States.svg USA 13,928 
Flag of Germany.svg Germany 12,055 
Flag of France.svg France 7,700 
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 5,742 
Flag of Iran.svg Iran 5,566 
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 5,106 
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 5,080 
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand 4,758 
Flag of England.svg England 4,292 
Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland 3,683 
Flag of Spain.svg Spain 3,349 
Flag of Poland.svg Poland 3,218 
Flag of Canada.svg Canada 3,217 
Flag of Austria.svg Austria 2,978 
Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco 2,9181
Flag of Laos.svg Laos 2,497 
Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg Western Sahara 1,900*
Flag of Albania.svg Albania 1,808 
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia 1,793 
Flag of Romania.svg Romania 1,630 
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria 1,558 
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium 1,402 
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland 1,359 
Flag of Mauritania.svg Mauritania 1,350~
Flag of Greece.svg Greece 1,306 
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia 1,269 
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia 1,239 
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania 1,230 
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea 1,195 
Flag of Italy.svg Italy 1,136 
Flag of Senegal.svg Senegal 1,121~
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 1,116 
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 994 
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 941 
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia 917 
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia 750 
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina 703 
Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova 648 
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia 641 
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine 606 
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia 592 
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic 580 
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro 504 
Flag of North Macedonia.svg Macedonia 499 
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg Wales 435 
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia 434 
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary 421 
Flag of Guinea.svg Guinea 380 
Flag of The Gambia.svg Gambia 366 
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau 310 
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo 285 
Flag of Finland.svg Finland 190 
Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia 180~
Ulster Banner.svg Northern Ireland 175 
Flag of Chile.svg Chile 163~
Flag of Norway.svg Norway 91.8 
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxemburg 63*
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay 54 
Flag of Transnistria.svg Transnistria 23 
Flag of Peru.svg Peru 8~
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay 5~
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore 1 
  1. * I've hitched through here, but never in here.
  2. ~ Estimate
  3. 1 resp 4,818 km