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Hey! Welcome to Hitchwiki. :-)

Please try to write less in "I recommend" format and more in general, book like style: you can imagine when texts get edited by second, third etc member over the years, that "I" in there stops working and becomes more confusing to other editors. People are also less hesitant to edit texts in first person format.

Try to see formatting style and language for titles from other articles (like Berlin or Paris), a good structure would be something like:

== Hitchhiking out ==

=== Northwest towards [[Cityname]], [[Cityname]] and [[Cityname]]


=== South towards [[Cityname]]


[[Category:United States]]

It's okay to keep writing relaxed but just little structure makes everyone's life easier in future. ;-)

Happy editing! -Mikael (talk) 07:54, 12 July 2017 (UTC)