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I'm not sure if this will get to you but here goes... I have sussed out the doing a detailed description of places like Dalby and i will work on it as the week progresses. As for the map side i am getting into it but it seems to be quite slow and i have no idea how to add the map to each page to show locations to hitch from. how do i do that? much fun being had this side. n.

Hi there, thanks for signing up :)

re: your CS message - there are two main ways to start a page. -- either type the name of the place you want to add (eg. Dalby) in the search box to the left, and it'll give you a screen saying "There is no page titled "Dalby". You can create this page." Click on the red-highlighted "create this page" link and start typing in the box on the next screen (titled "Editing Dalby").

-- or, if you're browsing the site and you see a link to a place that is red, click it and you will go straight to the page, eg. click here -> Dalby.

Great work so far! With all the Isle of Man locations, as it's a small place and fairly easy to hitchhike in (and with most small villages, the places you have to stand in are obvious), it's probably best to merge them into pages covering general areas (eg. the page on Douglas/Onchan).

As for the maps, I'll write a bit about that later. But basically the site is here - [1] - and the logon details are the same as for your hitchwiki account.

Have fun and any questions feel free to ask :) --Tom 07:24, 14 September 2010 (UTC)